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Ethiopia: the Government are apparently using all means to silence the citizens under the current ‘State of Emergency’!


The State of Emergency that came recently is a precautions move; to establish in essence the legality to oppress the regions of Amhara and Oromia under the TPLF or Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front that goes after civilians to keep the Tigray-Government in power in Addis Ababa.

Here is the main fixes to keep the stalemate and continue to violate the citizens’ rights under the oppressive behaviour of Agazi Squad; not only killing civilians, but going from houses to stop the congregations of peaceful demonstrations. That’s been going on for months that the citizens’ have demonstrated against the Central Government; something that has not gone well with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Here is the details of the State of Emergency that will last for six months to shut-down peaceful demonstrations that been gaining momentum in Oromia and Amhara.

Exchange of Messages:

“The state run media outlets on Saturday published details of the law as presented by the head of the command post secretariat in charge of the state of emergency and minister of defense, Siraj Fergessa” (…) “The emergency law prohibits the exchange of messages and information via the internet, cell phones, social media, television and radio” (ESAT, 2016).

Firstly the law now is not allowing the people to use common communication channels as modern and older technologies to spread information. This is happening as there have already shut-down the Internet, therefore the activists want the citizens to use VPN connections through MeshKit and FireChat. This is because the Central Government have even silenced the phone-lines as well, to stop the information from the area go to the people.

Holding Demonstrations:

“Publishing and distributing documents, holding demonstrations, showing protest gestures, importing and exporting published materials were also prohibited by the law” (ESAT, 2016).

Secondly publishing and distributing document together with holding demonstrations are now illegal, as much as the hand-gesture like holding fists is now banned from Central Government. The Central Government are showing really that they don’t let the people spread information or holding demonstrations. This together now with gestures or publish any materials. So these materials and documents are supposed to lead to demonstrations, therefore they are illegal because the government doesn’t want to see it. This proves that citizens are not allowed to demonstrate against a regime that is now currently not allowing the citizens to have a VOICE!


Watching ESAT and OMN is banned:

“The law specifically mentioned  two independent media outlets abroad and banned the public from watching and listening to television and radio  programming by the Ethiopian Satellite Radio and Television (ESAT) and Oromo Media Network. The law gives power to security forces to monitor  and block messages transmitted via television, radio and movie theatres” (ESAT, 2016).

Thirdly, the Central Government who is not allowing spreading information or even gestures, that are silencing the voices of people. That the Central Government are banning two Channels directly Ethiopia Satellite Radio and Television (ESAT) and Oromo Media Network (OMN); this is the government is controlling the media and not allowing other news from being spread to the citizens. That is because they are not sending the massaged messages and statements that Government Spokesperson Getachew Reda wants to broadcast to save face for the oppressive regime.

Strikes are banned too!

“According to the law, strikes by workers as well as businesses and closing government offices in protest are illegal. The law says protests by students in universities, colleges and higher institutions of learning are also outlawed. The law gives power to security forces to take any action they deemed necessary against students who stage protest rallies” (ESAT, 2016).

Fourthly, the Workers are just to labour and not to ask about their rights, their wages or do anything about it. They are just too be happy with their place and salaries, working hours and not question the behaviour of their bosses and the labours safety. Together with the students who is not allowed to question the Central Government under the ‘State of Emergency’ as the civil society cannot spread information or watch certain channels; therefore the wages and workers are to be in the period not demonstrate for their wage or working hours; even if their wrong or not just for the labourers in Ethiopia. The #AddisTaxiStrike is not allowed to happen in the next 6 months… because of the EPRDF silence everybody who thinks about addressing the misgivings of the authoritarian regime.

Diplomates banned from travelling:

“The emergency law stipulates that diplomats cannot travel beyond 40 kms radius outside the capital without prior authorization and permission from the command post” (ESAT, 2016).

Fifth, the diplomates and dignitaries are not allowed and banned from movement, I wonder if the American Diplomates we’re to travel to Amhara or Oromia if they would be directly sent back to Addis Ababa. If not if they would end in jail like the Swedish Journalists in recent years. As the Oppressive behaviour doesn’t want Human Rights Activists and Diplomates who are connected with allies and such to travel into the regions to see the violence and oppression from the Central Government.


Police Force intact:

“Members of the police and security forces cannot take leave of absence or resign in the duration of the state of emergency” (ESAT, 2016).

Sixth, the Police Force and Security Forces are to be stable in the levels it is now. The Security Organizations like the Army and Agazi Force is to be there to silence the Civil Societies and the people of the regions use their forces to kill the spirit, the people and the means to silence them by any means. This means they are now occupying the regions with soldiers and artillery without any consideration of the people as they are just to work and not question the legitimacy of the Central Government in Addis Ababa.


“A curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. local time in areas where there are economic infrastructures, factories, agricultural projects and other investments. The law also authorizes security forces to take whatever measure necessary against people who violate the curfew” (ESAT, 2016).

Seventh, so the people who are just to work, not to listen or see reports or news from others than who are accepted from the Central Government of the EPRDF. So the demonstrations are not illegal, they are extending it to be indoors from after work time; if the people tries to avoid this than the Agazi Squad to detain or use any means to stop them. This leaves the people with fixed salaries and with no freedom or liberty of their movement while the ‘State of Emergency’ is in effect!

Security forces can do what they please:

“Security forces are given permission to search and arrest anyone and confiscate possessions without a court warrant, according to the law” (…) “The emergency law also give security forces the power to take any action to defend themselves from any threat or attack” (ESAT, 2016).

Eight, the Agazi Forces and Soldiers, even Police can arrest anyone as they please, they don’t need charges or any signs of illegal activity. The people are designed to be sinners or violators as the citizens are guilty before there are innocent under the current Central Government. The Ethiopian Government have made people and their illegitimate activity into a feast of oppressive behaviour. The next level is to ban work and harvest so they can just die on the side of the roads of Gonder or Mendi. I am sure by the new laws, they are not allowed to be die or be buried; as the people are just supposed to be silenced by the TPLF.

This is so sad, that the Central Government is issuing this sort of acts and activities that are done with the cookbook of oppressive behaviour. They are using any ingredient to stop the people, the citizens from being [citizen’s] and they don’t want the foreign powers to know anything about their violence towards the citizens. Therefore I am calling it not aggression, but calling it an occupation of Amhara and Oromia regions, as the Central Government do not want to accept the demonstrations against them. Peace.   


ESAT News – ‘Ethiopian authorities release details of state of emergency’ (15.10.2016) link: http://ethsat.com/ethiopian-authorities-release-details-state-emergency/

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