Ethiopia: Meskel Celebration reports isn’t all holy as the Government muster fake support and kills in Amhara and Oromia!


The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) with the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne has sent his TPLF and Agazi Force to Amhara and Oromia to silence the demonstrations of the oppressive behaviour of the Government. They continue to oppress the people and even use their force and armies to demonstrate against other regions in “solidarity” with Central Government, because the government doesn’t have the legitimacy to do this with their own in Addis or anywhere else; so they take the Somali Region of Ethiopia and use them as pawns. Here are the reports from recent days in Ethiopia and the continuation of the oppression form EPRDF.

As this is happening the Ethiopian government has sent 2,000 Liyu Police Militia to wear ENDF to Amhara and Oromia on the 25th September.

Also the Government have organized demonstrations in the Somali region to counter the militarized regions where they now occupy their own country. Something that should shock the world and show the violent extent that the Ethiopian Government goes to.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Company wrote today:

“Ethiopia’s Somali region led the nation on May 7 and OLF yet their confidence in the forces opposing the movement to tear down the federal system today Jimma town part of their peaceful demonstrations” (EBC, 27.09.2016).

So the Ethiopian Government are using their oppressive behavior to muster up support for their violence in another region to try cover over with their own created demonstrations. This so the Addis government can look like somebody who respects the will of the people, while they are suppressing other regions.

During recent days in Oromia three people have killed there by soldiers in Nekemte, Mendi and Shashamene. Today on the 27th September there are reported that 5 people we’re killed by soldier in Oromia.

Also reported: “Two Agazi soldiers were also killed today near Gaara Harree located on Boarder of Shashamanne and Shalla districts, West Arsi. They were there to disarm farmers” (Jawar Mohammed, 27.09.2016).

There reports that the Government are still shutting down internet connections, therefore if possible the people in the regions should connected through FireChat and MeshKit.

Gondar/Gonder in 19th September 2016
Gondar/Gonder in 19th September 2016

Even reports from outside of Addis:

“According to eyewitnesses, four miles from the center of Addis Ababa, the seat of the ruling party location, the atmosphere seems to be worse. Shooting was heard in the area of communication also states that at the palace. Heard a tremendous noise of the device is turned on, in part, Addis Ababa, said eyewitnesses told: The place internet been cut off”.

There been reports of gunfire around Oromiya Culture and Tourism Centre as the Meskel and Erecha celebration around the National Stadium in Addis.

Reports from ESAT:

Gondar Meskel Celebration:

Since the month of July, the city of Gondar is located on the ongoing public protests on Tuesday announced the nationwide celebrations of the Meskel Holy Cross Celebration;

On the New Year’s residents of the city lacks of discipline Yechibo turn spoken eyewitnesses, many residents have expressed the sentiment that the opposition gathered during the malicious messages. Information and video information gets burned bodies reached the current cross celebrations ever seen was more than physical tension and instability. The festival refers to information from the local implementation of the same alien environment in Addis Ababa and other regional cities” (ESAT, 27.09.2016).

So the Celebration has been weaken in the region as the Ethiopian Orthodox Celebration hasn’t been as big as it usually can be, as much as the silence of the people where at the New Year’s celebration. This is another way of showing dissidents.

Gonder/Gondar on the 27th September 2016
Gonder/Gondar on the 27th September 2016

Other reports:

In his interview,  CDO Debretsion addressed a number of issues including the  recent “disturbance” (uprising) in Gonder:

“The people who live in the particular area (Gonder) are Amhara people. We know they are defending others  (non-Amharas) so they do not suffer damage. There are many actions (criminal) that have been committed. A limited number of people have sought to inflict damage on the properties of Tigreans (in Gonder). Therefore (these actions) are not related with the people (of Gonder at large).  There is no mobilization against Tigreans anywhere. But we know there are a limited number of people involved (in committing crimes against Tigreans). We know they (few individuals) have committed specific (criminal) acts against Tigreans. We know it is the action of a few. There is a movement with own aims. The government and killil (government) are following up on this. But this is not the question that needs to be asked. As you have seen the analysis, the solution cannot be found only by focusing on the conflict (confrontation). We need to look at the broader situation, problems in the (local) leadership, denying proper governance to the people, answering questions in a timely manner, (failure) to recognize there are problems like this.  And there are mobilizations around this. This has itself created problems, and as we solve problems around it, we solve other problems as well. Other administrative problems, development questions. And it is possible to entertain and solve political questions (as well). That is what we see. The conflict (in Gonder) is a limited issue. It does not reveal  the (the whole)  situation. The (Ethiopian) society is very sad about the kind of discussion being conducted in different forums. This is not something EPRDF brought about. People (of Tigray and Gonder) have been living together (for a long time). Not only living together, but also married to each other and lived as one family… But there are few whose aim is to trigger people-to-people conflict (ethnic conflict).  It is improper. There has been damage… That is what the recent discussions have been about” (Mariam, Alemayehu G. – ‘Disinformation in T-TPLF Land of Living Lies: Pinocchio Preaches Truth Against Perception in Ethiopia? Link:

This here proves the miscommunications and lies from the Central government of Ethiopia. EPRDF has gone too far with sending the ENDF or the army doesn’t come in peace with artillery and 25,000 soldiers, especially when they send the Agazi Squad to the Amhara and the Oromia.

There we’re reports yesterday that the Government even had jammed the VOA Amharic channel to silence opposition news to the people in the country.

This here what has been reported in the recent days… and it is not good news that TV-Channels, soldiers die and civilians of regions while the Ethiopian Government uses the people of Somalia Region to be loyal to Central Government as the Agazi Squad and Soldiers are killing and harassing the Amhara and Oromia people.

Something that should be sanctioned and also not accepted as the people are suppressed by their own government with their army; while the Government even does whatever it can to rhetorical defend their actions as they are telling the world the demonstrations have become silent. What they are not telling is that they have occupied their own country with a battalions and soldiers. That is the reason the Gondar didn’t even celebrate the Meskel; the same celebration became violent even in the capital.  We can understand that the Ethiopian Government does not want the world to know, as they still try to silent social media and spread information online. Peace.

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