Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Uganda the current events in Arua Diocese (22.09.2016)


One thought on “Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Uganda the current events in Arua Diocese (22.09.2016)”

  1. My beloved church in chaos. This is a storm and will be over. Time heals. And I hope our faith will grow stronger.

    However this problem has been dragging on for over six years now. The priests and the laity have been really patient. They have kept their faith in spite of all this that has been happening.

    I believe it is easier to remove one jigger causing pain in the toe than causing a whole diocese to suffer because of one man. Is he so much of a threat to the whole episcopal conference?

    What has happened is a climax of a bitter pill that the catholic faithfuls have been enduring. One cannot keep like that for too long…. he ore she will burst however strong his/her faith is.

    We love our Faith and our Church. We are proud of it.

    The conference please find a suitable abode for your colleague so that peace is restored. I see here the peaceful means FAILED.

    Take him to the Vatican like the Malawian Bishop. Although for home he was taken for a good reason. He was healing, exorcising and praying.

    This one is killing the faith, battering it. He abode is in the air…. always flying and having holidays abroad and coming back empty handed. Would you wish to have a father like that….. self conceited, unloving, unyielding, merciless.

    In the Catholic church we value our priests especially now when vocations are scarce and scanty, it is disheartening that by a stroke of a pen, a priest is dismissed. Where is the year of mercy we are preaching, the love, brotherhood prodigal son.

    I adjourn here invoking the spirit to intervene

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