Hon. Marius Fransman resignation from the Western Cape Parliament (16.09.2016)


Friday, 16 September 2016, at 15h00

No embargo

I have resigned as a member of the Western Cape Legislature today after 17 years of parliamentary service, of which 14 years were in ministerial positions both at provincial and national level.

My decision, in 2013, to return to the Western Cape to fight alongside the poor and the downtrodden, and to address the imbalances between the haves and the have-not’s in creating an inclusive society, is being curtailed by the ongoing ANC internal turmoil, infighting and factions, makes it near impossible to execute my duties to ensure the upliftment of my constituents.

I can no longer justify a salary without the mechanism to deliver on my calling.

I have searched my conscience; I have applied my mind; I have consulted with trusted comrades, and with my family, and I have concluded that the ANC at all levels is at an ebb in its glorious 104 year history of excellence, indicated by internal strife and contradictory statements.

We didn’t join the struggle for such strife; we joined the struggle and our glorious movement to serve, and to serve with pride and dignity. I have reflected on the “Reconstruction and Development” and the “Ready To Govern” documents prior to 1994, and I have realized how far we have drifted from it.

The community wants an ANC restored to its former splendour and I believe that I may better answer to my calling by pursuing such an objective.

It is my humble submission that the organisation must unify anew.

I will dedicate my efforts to rebuild the trust between the people, civil society and the ANC. I will continue to serve the ANC as the elected provincial chairperson of the Western Cape. I call on all like-minded comrades and friends to join me in this quest. We must always remember that the ANC belongs to the people, and not to the leaders and to us in parliament. When we have internal strife, it’s ultimately the people who suffer.

My appreciation to all members of parliament who served with me beyond party political affiliation during my parliamentary tenure, accompanies this statement.

Issued by the ANC Western Cape Chairperson Marius Fransman.

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