Zimbabwe: Press Statement – “Linda Masarira and continued human rights abuses” (11.09.2016)


NERA strongly Condemns the continued Human Rights abuses by the Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF led Government. We call for the immediate release of Linda Masarira and other Activists.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe allows for Freedom of Speech without Government Reprisal. It is become increasingly evident that Robert Mugabe, Vice President Mnangagwa,Vice President Mphoko, the Attorney General and ZANU PF government have little to no respect for the rules that are supposed to govern the Country.

It is becoming very clear that Neither Robert Mugabe nor Vice President Mnangagwa, Vice President Mphoko are fit to run the country. This Government continues to demonstrate its incompetency as they escalate in their aggression against the Citizens of Zimbabwe.

On 9 September 2016, Government sanctioned Zimbabwe Republic Police to teargas peaceful protestors. On 10 September 2016, the Government sent Riot Police to Chikurubi Prison to deal with Female Prisoners mostly political Activists who sang freedom songs as they were protesting the Unfair Judiciary System and the physical and verbal abuse they are receiving from Prison guards. Now they have placed Linda Masarira in the Men Section of the Chikurubi Prison. This is illegal and a gross human rights violation.

Neither Robert Mugabe or Heir apparent Vice President Mnangagwa,have demonstrated that ZANU PF has any reformers. This Government continues to use abuse and threats as a form of dealing with opposition. This government instead of paying salaries or improving conditions in the country has purchased more police cars , more teargas, more guns in-order to continue their oppression of the Zimbabwean People.

NERA is calling upon the Government of Robert Mugabe and His Vice Presidents to show some modicum of respect for the laws and Constitution of Zimbabwe. For Thirty Six (36) years Robert Mugabe with the help of Emmerson Mnangagwa has presided over a government with one of the worst human rights records and one of the most corrupt. How can they claim to be leaders when they have failed to lead by example.

NERA hopes that for once ZANU PF will air on side of doing whats right and Release Linda Masarira a Mother of Five, whose family this Government evicted from National Railways Home. NERA hopes all other activists are released and that Robert Mugabe and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa will deal and stop the Abuse of prisoners at the hands of prison guards.

NERA also hopes Robert Mugabe and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa begin to encourage a non politically motivated judiciary and fire politically tainted judges like Judge Bhunu.

NERA stands UNITED with the Citizens of Zimbabwe fighting for a free and Better Zimbabwe

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