#AmharaProtests: The Western Media doesn’t care about it!

Baha Dir Snipers 02.09.2016

“We have also found evidence that foreign interests have actively been financing anti-peace elements based in the diaspora” – Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne

It’s sad day for all the ones that are tormented by the Agazi Squad of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) in the Amhara State, as a prison in Debretator burns and inmates escapes. That the Army is using helicopter and snipers killing civilians is not appalling the Western Media anymore apparently. They are appalled by the state of affairs that the fellow demonstrators are burning down Dutch Owned Flower Factories in the area.

Not amounts of citizens killed the cut of communications like Social Media, Internet connection and telephone; as the civil disobedience that is silenced by Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and their special unit of Agazi. Together with 25,000 soldiers sent for the mission to silence them. That doesn’t the Associated Press, Washington Post or any other Western Media in general.

Like ESAT have reported:

A source from Bahir Dar who spoke to ESAT said over a thousand troops have arrived at the City Airport on Thursday and had received instructions from the Chief of Staff Samora Yunis, who established a command post in the city two days ago. The forces were warned about mingling with the public, the source said” (ESAT, 01.09.2016).

That is one city in the region that is taken over by the army as the soldiers are not supposed to engage the public or mingle with them. A thousand soldiers are occupying the local airport, not creating peace, but uncertain stability. That should make the world stutter, but for some reason it don’t.

More from ESAT:

In Amba Giorgis, TPLF forces shot and killed 26 people in the last two days alone. An eyewitness told ESAT that he suspect some soldiers were mercenaries bought by the regime to carry out the massacre. The source did say about the origins of the mercenaries but residence of Amba Giorgis believe they were Sudanese border security turned mercenaries by the TPLF. The forces went door to door, beating residents. Most of the youth in Amba Giorgis were hiding in the bushes to escape the massacre, the witness said adding that the town was under a complete siege by the forces” (ESAT, 01.09.2016).

That the flower farm burnings are worrying signs, but it is a reaction to the government violence in the region, as the citizens has no way of answering the government with force. They answer with peaceful means as their lives are on the line, the troops, heavy artillery and tanks taking over the streets. Still, the Western Media cares about the flower factories more than the dozen of lives that in the mercy of mercenaries and Agazi squad. Why doesn’t this create havoc and doesn’t make the world stunned about the shady ways of silencing the public in Amhara? Why nothing of any sort, but Dutch owned roses burning are the grand issue?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote this about it today:

The Prime Minister himself said foreign elements who do not want to see Ethiopia use its natural resources were distributing huge amounts of money to extremist Diaspora groups. In fact, this is not confined to those organizations which are given arms, money and support by the regime in Asmara, and which, like “Patriotic Ginbot”, make no secret of their aim to overthrow the government by force” (…) “Those taking advantage of the situation include critics of Ethiopia or supporters of Eritrea like Bronwyn Burton at the Atlantic Council who organized a roundtable in Washington on Wednesday this week. This offered two opposition politicians the opportunity  to discuss the current state of political affairs in Ethiopia without contradiction, allowing them to hold forth on what they claimed had been “primarily peaceful demonstrations”,  the cost of living, lack of employment opportunities and a restrictive political and media environment” (02.09.2016, Link:    http://www.mfa.gov.et/weekinthehorn/-/asset_publisher/2h3rKVhCHgKq/content/prime-minister-confident-in-the-government-s-ability-to-deal-with-problems?_101_INSTANCE_2h3rKVhCHgKq_viewMode=view).

EPRPF and PM Hailemariam Desalegne cannot be serious that snipers, mercenaries and tanks will bring peace? Giant rockets and heavy artillery to calm people down. If they wanted peace with Amhara people they wouldn’t come with troops and the strong national army they would come with dialogue and offering to justify the legitimacy of the actual government. Something that isn’t appearing or consideration, it is easy to kill the Amhara people because they are disposable; the international community only cares about the investments there anyway. That is why I am mad at the media.

This happens as the Government clearly bans and summons the business community in Finfinne. As the paperwork here shows:

Ethio Finfinne Order P1

Ethio Finfinne Order P2

There are also reports that farmers from Amhara and Oromo are planning to boycott selling food to Addis Ababa as a reaction to the oppression.

It shows the ability of resistance in the Amhara public when they do what they can to answer the central government violence. What is worrying is how little the international media cares about the military seizure of the region, how the check-points, snipers, tanks and all other equipment is used to kill civilians, but Dutch owned flowers are the step to far. Kill a few Amhara people, we don’t care, destroy Western investments in the region and all of sudden we should care. That is just cynical and damn wrong.

The Papers who has pressed the Associated Press story, congratulation for suppressing the key-issue; the reality as your looking at one piece of a giant problem that are militarized and pure violence on own citizens. It’s like looking at a dead tree near a polluted lake. Writing about the state of the tree, but not caring about the polluted lake that is destroyed the ability of the tree to live in the area. The same is the evident covering of the crisis, the massacre and the designated army attack on civilians in Amhara. Peace.

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