Reports from the Elections in the newly formed districts Kagadi, Kakumiro, Rubanda, Omoro and Kibaale!

Boda Boda Elections

“Elections in the new districts have so far been peaceful.” Dr Livingstone Sewanyana

To get the rest of left seats in Parliament and Local Government are for grabs in the newly formed districts of Rubanda, Kagadi, Kakumiro and Omoro. So the stakes are high, even the Electoral Commission have again delivered Electoral Material late at the dozen polling stations in the districts. The famous ways of Boda-Boda’s are the common delivery method in the early morning as the stations are set up and made ready. But as the rest of the General Election this year, there been issues of bribery, pre-ticked ballots and some occurring incidents of even burning down a radio station. Take a look!

Good News:

“Police says they have not registered any clashes in the ongoing elections in the five newly created districts” (933 KFM, 2015). This counter’s the reports and worries that Dr. Badru Kiggundu of Electoral Commission claimed before the elections that they we’re worried about violence during the election. Seem, like the EC Engineer we’re wrong on that point.

Kagadi 29.08.2016

From Kagadi there are already reported that the National Resistance Movement have delivered pre-ticked ballots. “In police cells at Kagadi is Arinaitwe Ismail over Arson attempt. OC Kagadi police station says Arinaitwe tried to burn a radio station” (Capital FM Uganda, 2016). So there is a special situation in the district for the NRM Flagbearer Steven Kasingbwe, Forum for Democratic Change candidate Peter Byahangire and Independent Candidate Yosiya Ndibwami.

In one polling station in Kakumiro district there been reported low turnout as well at Kabworo polling station in Kakumiro town council. In the district where you have to choose between Apuli Ssemanda of NRM and Independent Candidate Lawrence Bazala, so it will be interesting to see who becomes the elected in the newly created district. A problem at some of the Polling Stations is that people are missing from the Electoral Register. So Voters sent away even if they we’re supposed to vote in Kakumiro. Also reported this: “Fight between agents of an NRM candidate and an agent of an Independent candidate were reported and confirmed at Birembo Sub-county, Kakumiro” (…) “Kakumiro community radio was reported to have been campaigning for an NRM candidate” (CCEDU, 2016).

In Rubanda district this we’re reported: “Distribution of polling materials to the 32 polling stations within Bubaare subcounty Rubanda districts begins at 6:35am!” and this happen on Boda-Boda’s in the district. So at some at the polling stations the Election material came late. “At Kacerere 5 Polling Station, Rubanda, Voters are outside waiting for a candidate(s) who will pay them money for their vote” (…) “Many of those we have talked to are unwilling to go and vote before they are paid. A vote is going for, between UGX 500 and 2,000” (NTV Uganda, 2016). “The arrest was executed by Dannie Elly Ecwatu the Officer in charge of Muko Police Station” (…) “This followed a tip-off by residents of Muko. Arigye recorded a statement at Muko Police Station with case reference number 07/29/208/16 The suspect is said to be a campaign agent of the independent District Woman MP candidate,  Hilda Kabarungi” (New Vision, 29.08.2016). Also in Rubanda we’re FDC MP Hon. Francis Mwijuke: “Just to be sure. Tight marking. No taking chances. Here in the new district of Rubanda- Kabale monitoring the polling for LC5 chairman and the district woman MP” (Mwijuke, 2016). The CCEDU said this about the election in Rubanda: “5 polling stations in Kagadi, Kakumiro and Rubanda were missing indelible ink and 1 polling station in Rubanda was missing voter register” (CCEDU, 2016).

Omoro Election 2016

In Omoro the highly contested by-election as the Democratic Party, Uganda People’s Congress, National Resistance Movement and Forum for Democratic Change candidates who contest for the single positions in this elections. Today’s bigshot we’re when DPs Norbert Mao went out to stamp out his vote today at Labongologo Polling Station, where he voted for Omoro Woman MP and District Chairperson.

Kibaale District 29.08.2016

From Kibaale district:

The FDC candidate in Kibaale District Woman MP race, Counsel Proscovia Kunihira has Just Cast her vote . There Is largely a Poor turn up of voters in Kibaale and other 4 Districts where the élection Is taking place. But, we have total confidence Our candidate Will win This race and paint Kibaale and Bunyoro” (Mulindwa Walid Lubega, 2016). Also some technical difficulties as the “BVS malfunctioned in Kibaale District, Buyanja County, and Matale A Sub-county and at Nkooko B p-station” (…) “In Kibaale district, 4 people known to be deceased had their names ticked in voter’s register as though the deceased had voted” (CCEDU, 2016).

CCEDU statement in general:

“NRM prescence the most prevalent, FDC had in Kigadi, Kabale, Omoro, and Rubanda, UPC, DP only noted in Omoro. This concerns us” (…) “By 7:00am, only 10 polling stations out of the 100 polling stations observed in the five districts had opened” (CCEDU, 2016).

“MP’s want 150m for cars, but shouldn’t Government prioritise LC1 Elections above all?” Dr Livingstone Sewanyana

What Might happen:

So now it just to see how the Election will be tallied and the results will come. If there will be incidents like the NRM Primaries or even Presidential Election earlies this year where Pre-Ticked Ballots are coming from the sheds, Police Stations and from Candidates all over the place. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Tally Centre’s get raided by a disgruntled candidate or even comes with security forces to clear the result in the name of the candidate.

Let’s hope it gets totally free and fair, but if any indication and trust between the electorate, let’s say the citizens and the Electoral Commission as the sham and rigging we’re evident during last election. So the low-turnout now is a continuation of the low turnout at the Local Councilor Elections during the latest polls. So therefore the end-game will make this interesting as the proof of systematic malfunction might come again. Peace.    

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