MDC-T Youth Statement on Intimidation from Zanu-PF (28.08.2016)

Zim 27.08.2016
We have learnt without shock that ZANU PF through its monstrous mouthpiece ZTV that the regime Is embarking on a massive raid of our members in response to the demonstrations that are taking place in Harare and which are spreading to all parts of the country next week. We wish to point out at this stage we fear nothing and we will not budge in our quest to remove Robert Mugabe from office through our peaceful protests.we have since intercepted intelligence files on the attack to be led by known ZANU PF ministers and MP’s.
We are warning these bloody thirsty individuals to back as we are not going to watch massacre us.The violence of 2008 will never happen again ,we will not fold our hands this time.We are pressing ahead with our # My Zimbabwe campaign to liberate this country.No amount of repression will stop this idea whose time has come.The only sensible thing to happen now is for Robert Mugabe to resign early and avoid unnecessary damage to this country.We will not be cowed ,we hereby urge out membership to remain vigilant and continue to participate in all protests being called by different progressive forces in this country. it’s now or Never .
For And On Behalf Of The Youth Assembly. 
Lovemore Chinoputsa

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