Opinion: The questions ahead as Jubilee Alliance launch their new Jubilee Party at the Statehouse!

Kenyatta Ruto 09.08.2016

Find something wrong as the 12 Party coalition of the current Jubilee Alliance becomes a new political party during the next month, but the launch we’re today. This is supposed to be joyful, but will start a power struggle and negotiations for the slots for official position in the new party as the former ones ran on ticket for each of the 12 parties in their constituencies, but now will run for the Jubilee Party and cannot even run against each other for another term under the new Party Organization controlled by President Kenyatta and his DP Ruto.

As he boldly wrote today:

“Proud to announce the transformation of our alliance and the launch of the new Jubilee Party, with representation across the nation. We are guided by ideological clarity, a solid development agenda and a progressive governance platform” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 09.08.2016).

The easy thing is announce a change, but to transform a change is much different. Just ask Barrack Obama and his plan to shutdown Gitmo. That didn’t actually go as planned. The same will happen with the Jubilee Merger as the 12 parties and their loyalties of the past will come together and work against a common goal. Because the One-Party will run on one platform and under the current leadership; the organization has to be organized to make sense and gain confidence.

Uhuru Kenyatta have not only inherited people and constituencies under the other parties gone together, but party organizations and party history that has to embedded in the new party. Jubilee should emerge through the different spectrums of leadership from all of the 12 parties combined. Not only the main leadership dodging the minor parties and their loyalties. The different political cultures and backgrounds will also come to surface as they worked on their own in their own area, but now the Nairobi cannot run on 12 tickets, but on ONE from Jubilee. This make the negotiations hard and will make some hurt. The discussion on righteous places and nominations will not happen naturally. People think the CORD will struggle with the leadership trio and the one running for Presidential Nominee for the Opposition. The problem will be who can be the nominations for the Jubilee in the counties and regions for Senators, Governors and Members of Parliament. They will have to garn and credible become nominees for the new party through the new organization.

Kenyatta 09.08.2016

The Jubilee, might be all smiles today after two days of PR exercises at the State House. As Ruto and Kenyatta we’re all giddy and happy today of their achievement of building one singular running government party. Still, the issues before the coming General Election will be hard not to hurt or lose relations as the different parties might want their golden boys up for re-election and the frictions between the old 12 parties might come to forefront. The agreement might be easy to sign as any official document. It is the actual doing and the ratification of it that is the hard scenario. As there are MPs, Governors and Senators who might have to be swallowed in the coming election for the sense of the New Jubilee Party!

Trust me, there will be fallouts, there will allegation of centralized organization who decided over them and the persons from so-and-so we’re not respected. Trust me that will happen as certain individuals will feel the new program doesn’t respect the old-party and want to leave and run as a independent. It will happen as the months are coming, especially when it comes closer to IEBC deadline for nominations of candidates to the General Election.

The last issue, why at the State House? Using government funds and government facilities to launch the new Political Party? Why not a hotel on the bills of parties as they are not government themselves, they are representing the people as representatives of the citizens. They do not own the State House for private and party business, but for government official work. The launch of a new political party is not official government business as the General Election is coming. The Kenyatta Government show’s not well considering of how they use their state resources.
The State resources are used on state business and civil servants who works for the state. The President and New Jubilee Party might become the Government after the next election. Jubilee Coalition should have done this elsewhere even if it is easy and well-spaced area to launch a party. Still, the justification to use official and State House to own party organization is questionable. The Kenyan Government and under the 12 Party Coalition should be more cautious with the use of Government facilities. Especially if it is for Party work and not direct state. The Kenyan citizens deserve the honor of just behavior from their politicians. They will sometimes blunder, but this is more likely the modus operandi by Kenyatta and Ruto. Peace.

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