DNCLeaks: Exposing Hillary Clinton Campaign donor vetting and the DNC damage-control of the internal procedure when it comes to “money-laundering” scandal!

Hillary Speech

It’s that time again, been a while since I looked and browsed through dozen of documents on Wikileaks, the once who has read my articles or blogs; have seen themed pieces on it. Today was a similar day, as the WikiLeaks released new-emails from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. The DNC have been smacked with their own-words; this is bigger than the latest release by an independent hacker Guccifer 2.0. Still, this is apparently the play of affairs from one of the two giant parties. What is worrying is that similar attacks and similar releases don’t happen with the Republic National Committee or the RNC!

But this is not about the gob-smacking charlatan Donald Trump, though in his mind he loves this, but since this is to many words; he will read anything about except the Rush Limbaugh headlines and Newt Gingrich comments on Fox News. So he could get stronger words against the competitor, but that wise he is not. This DNC Leak, is in favor of Trump and Libertarian Johnson… though none seem to capture the traction as the VP for Hillary Clinton overshadow the leak. This leak proves certain level of works when it comes PR tactics to slow down the money-laundering of Campaign Funds, also how the DNC vets donors and surrogates for the party; which is interesting insider information as the DNC Campaign Team and other ones proves their due diligence. Some things though is not all good news. Take a look at what I consider interesting from the E-Mail leak!

The DNC worked hard for instance to vet a scandalous donor to the Party, a honorable George Lindemann Junior, as the Democratic Party doesn’t care where the money comes from, even if the conspiracy and men have been trialed for it: “Lindemann was convicted of three counts of wire fraud in 1995 and was sentenced to a 33-month term in federal prison with two years probation after his release. He was sentenced to pay a $500,000 fine, $250,000 in restitution to the insurance company, and the cost of his prison stay. He was expelled from the American Horse Shows Association (“AHSA”), and upon his release, filed a $100 million antitrust suit against the AHSA for refusing to allow him to compete” (…)“CONVICT CONTRIBUTIONS “Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has accepted thousands of dollars in campaign donations from convicted criminals. After being informed of the source of the donations, the Schumer campaign said it would give $17,000 in questionable contributions to charity. (…) He accepted $2,000 from George Lindemann Jr., who was convicted in 1996 of ordering the killing of a show horse to collect insurance money [The National Journal, 6/10/2004]”. Clayton Cox the DNC Regional Finance Manager still wanted to Donor Vet him on 9th May 2016!

On the 15th April 2016, Representative Wasserman Shultz wrote: “He called and wants to speak with DWS about a meeting between him, DWS, and Pierre Maroun. He says that Pierre wants to give 50K to the Democratic Party but wants to talk to meet with DWS to discuss first. Kate – who does this go to? Former Congressman Solomon Ortiz: 361-877-2220 (cell)”. This was later answered by Scott Comer on the same day: “Henry thinks she should take the meeting. Says he’s good for the money”. By 29th April the reasonable approach from Scott Comer to the Representative: “ We’re going to vet Pierre first”. Vetting meaning, making sure the money is coming without any issues from Pierre Maroun.


Sanders place after Primaries:

On the 20th April 2016 Fox News Political Correspondent sent a mail to Hillary Clinton on questioning reports following: “Allies of both Clinton and Sanders have urged Democratic leaders to meet some of Sanders’s more mundane demands for greater inclusion at the Philadelphia convention. Their decision to do so is expected to be finalized by the end of the week, according to two people familiar with the discussions. But growing mistrust between Sanders supporters and party leaders have threatened to undermine that effort” (Washington Post, 19.05.2016), while he asked this: “Accurate? Can you confirm, please? Thanks.-Mike”. The Press Secretary of Hillary Clinton, Mark Paustenbach wrote this on to another staffer: “Told Mike we didn’t have anything right now and I’d get back to him if that changes”.

Talk to a Editor about Campaign funding?

As Mark Paustenbach wrote to Luis Miranda and Walker on the 29th April 2016, he wrote this about a possible donor: “David is hoping to chat with the Chair today about party fundraising and also the money to fund the convention. How the public funds/subsidies for the convention were cut by Congress and that since then the amounts individuals can give to the convention, and the parties more generally, have gone up. Does this help the party in the age of SuperPACs?”. David Goldstein happens to be the National Editor of McClatchy Newspapers.

Litigation against the DNC in Arizona:

On the 29th April 2016 this came up: “FELDMAN, ET AL. V. ARIZONA SECRETARY OF STATE’S OFFICE, ET AL. – LITIGATION HOLD NOTICE – YOUR ASSISTANCE AND RESPONSE REQUIRED – ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGED/WORK PRODUCT” (…) “You are receiving this message because you may have materials potentially related to a voting-rights case in which the DNC is a plaintiff, Leslie Feldman, et al. v. Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, et al., D. Ariz. No.CV-16-01065-PHX-DLR. This lawsuit challenges three aspects of Arizona elections: (1) Maricopa County’s allocation of polling locations; (2) Arizona’s practice of not counting provisional ballots cast out of precinct; and (3) Arizona’s prohibition on ballot collection. This message contains instructions you must follow in connection with this matter until you receive further instructions from legal counsel” (… )” The allegations and statements in the Complaint (a copy of which is attached to this message), including, but not limited to, any documents that are in any way related to your, your members’ or your constituents’ experiences voting in Arizona generally and, specifically, in the 2016 presidential preference election, Maricopa County’s allocation of polling locations, Arizona’s rejection of provisional ballots cast out of precinct, and Arizona’s prohibition on ballot collection; * Get-out-the-vote, voter registration, voter assistance, or voter education efforts that you have or will engage in in Arizona , including documents related to any money and/or resources expended in relation to the same” (… )” Lindsey Reynolds | Chief Operating Officer Democratic National Committee”.

Clinton Campaign TV

On Money Laundering claims for the DNC:

““The suggestion there’s anything unusual about our joint victory funds has no basis in the law or reality. Independent experts like the Election Law” (…) “The money raised by the joint victory funds, even when the money goes to the DNC, still helps state parties. The funds help strengthen, for example, our national voter file and communications, research and digital support for state parties and down ballot candidates. That includes training across a variety of areas, for example, and access to media monitoring and rapid response support. This is helping the Party right NOW build the infrastructure we need for the general election”. This was quotes written by Luis Miranda, the DNC Communication Director, who sent this mail to Graham M. Wilson is a lawyer in Perkins Coie LLP, after he accepted the quotes. While the Chief Executive Officer of the DNC Amy K. Dacey wrote this today: “I like it with this additional thoughts”.

As this story continues:

Mark Plaustenbach wrote this on the 30th April to Luis Miranda: “The DNC offered to engage in the same joint fundraising efforts with all the major presidential candidates early in the cycle and we welcome the efforts of the candidates to help raise money for the DNC and state parties now to ensure we can build out the infrastructure to win in November”. His answer on the 2nd May 2016 we’re: “The suggestion there’s anything unusual about our joint victory funds has no basis in the law or reality, as recognized by numerous independent experts that have looked at this. The fact is both campaigns signed on to similar agreements. While only one campaign is currently using their joint victory fund we encourage both of our campaigns to identify opportunities to support the national and state Democratic parties now so that we can continue to build the infrastructure to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November”.

On the So-Called DNC rigging Clinton:

On the 3rd May 2016, the advice to counter Bernie Sanders claimed for rigged election in favor of Clinton, Marc E. Elias wrote: “My suggestion is that the DNC put out a statement saying that the accusations the Sanders campaign are not true. The fact that CNN notes that you aren’t getting between the two campaigns is the problem. Here, Sanders is attacking the DNC and its current practice, its past practice with the POTUS and with Sec Kerry. Just as the RNC pushes back directly on Trump over “rigged system”, the DNC should push back DIRECTLY at Sanders and say that what he is saying is false and harmful the the Democratic party”.

On 5th May 2016 a mail about certain vetted givers was Lawrence Benson who we’re wiring USD 50k to the Hillary Clinton Campaign and sending a baseball that he wanted to get signed, as the one he had from 2008 got stolen. At the same mail from Andy, this expectation was set: “Separately, I’m hoping for a six-figure wire from Eric Schoenberg in the next few days”.

The Hillary Clinton campaign through their own goodwill vetted Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson, The DNC wanted him vetted as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton on the 16th May 2016. River Chadwick wrote this on a mail about him the 16th of May: “Finance asked us to vet DeRay to act as a surrogate, possibly with the Chair, at an upcoming event. He has been an issue since 9/2015 with no updates for his involvement in Black Lives Matter protests. I believe he is currently running for Mayor of Baltimore”.

Rubenstein Ad

On the 17th May 2016 lawyer Jonah M. Wilson sent a mail to Karina Marquez as he said this, also with security clearance so he come to a fund-raiser for the Clinton Campaign: “I will be buying two tickets – for $20,000. I would like to pay by check. We can wire the funds. Can you provide wire instructions? This is being done at the request of Robert Rubenstein”. By the morning on 18th May 2016, he had wired 20k to the DNC. By the evening Clayton Cox we’re triumphantly writing: “$20k wire in!”.

If this wasn’t interesting, then I don’t know what it is. This proves how certain part of the Campaign works for the DNC, one of the biggest parties in the world and also a key component in the “Democratic” tradition of the United States. So there you have it, this might not be televised. Peace.

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