My letter to the Jubilee Gov. after CS Nkaissery and Prof. Mulgai today outlawed “Anti-IEBC Demonstrations” and this is becoming your Achilles heel!

Kenyatta Ruto Madaraka Day 2016

7th June 2016, Oslo

Dear, all of you in charge of the Kenyan Government!

This is my sincere plea from the ice-cold north of Scandinavia, where mandazi and pilau is not a thing. Well, I know that it taste splendid, but I am not writing to you because of I enjoy a good Kenyan supper and tea; I write because of today recent action.

There are amounts of questions that are raised after CS Joseph Nkaissery and Prof. Githu Mulgai today again outlawed Coalition of Reforms and Democacy (CORD) demonstrations against the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC), who seems to be a sensitive issue for the Jubilee Coalition and the JAP. That means that for you in Jubilee, the President Kenyatta and VP Ruto. You seemed to be more about you keeping the power by any means, then trying to be reasonable.

Cord Statehouse 01.06.2016

The CORD might be wrong at times, they are doing what they are doing to you; because the Okoa Referendum bills to change and amendment the constitution. At this referendum you totally gave it no chance and blew the ability and the level of groundwork that we’re done from the Opposition. That you have not given real space to Hon. Raila Odinga, Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon. Moses Wetan’gula.

You in the Jubilee are acting the big-men who were born to rule, and everybody else is supposed to step aside. The Achilles heel right now is the IEBC and the selected men in the leadership of it. Not because you have done wrong yourself, even with the inherited Electoral Commission and new Constitution. That are the reason and near epitome of your lawful assembly. So it is not well-established, the entities and the regulatory electoral procedures and regulation of the ballots; not to talk about what happens to the ballot after it is cast and what kind of independent tallying that exist.

You in the Jubilee are responsible for all the Kenyan Citizens and the Kenyans who does not support you and the ones who do. All Kenyans are your responsibility as you are the legislators and the ones that set the laws in Parliament; you regulate and assure the pay for all civil servants and level of security. With that comes responsibility.

A responsibility you have not honoured of late, not that the CORD demonstrators throwing stones and looting supermarkets are not correct. Henceforth does not justify the Police Officers lit up streets with flair, block streets and rally venues, use rhetoric of fear and actually beat up fellow citizens into pulp in the streets. That is not enough the Police use live bullets, kill the demonstrators or even kill by-standards as they are walking to pick-up cash in bank branch. Also when the Police Officers uses their water-canons, the devious actions of tear-gas and hitting people at random with sticks while trying to disperse the fellow citizens who actually demonstrates for the matter.

IGP Boinnet

So with that in mind, as the Constitutional right for a Kenyan Citizen to go out and demonstrate in peace, without being shot, tear-gassed and even dispersed by violent behaviour and Police brutality. The Demonstrators does not have the right to loot, but when the Police uses violence and even kills, the Government and Police; should rethink that their actions spark reactions from the demonstrators, as the impunity and illegal killings, injuries and hurts of the violent police officers; doesn’t create a level of trust between the Police and the Citizens. As the Citizens already have little trust in Police Officers, as proved with their low ratings in a Poll in 2015; and with that in mind the Jubilee Government, President Kenyatta or VP Ruto together with CS Nkaissery should act a bit Nobel, instead of big-men who are ruling with impunity.

You in the Jubilee are responsible for the killings in the streets, for the vendors closing their shops and the CORD demonstrator’s aggressive reactions to the violent police. IGP Joseph Boinett should get direct guidelines and educate his fellow Anti-Riot Police also learn proper language as respectful manners as address the demonstrators, the same goes to Nairobi Police Commander Japhet Koome, who sounds like a mad dragon instead of a man who respects fellow citizens.

The CORD is not correct on all they do, neither are all their supporters, the same goes to you and your actions as in the Jubilee, you cannot just outlaw ‘demonstrations’ against the IEBC who have not cared for keeping clean sheets and accountable affairs, as their Chickengate and other activities can be question. The IEBC as long as it is in this state, will be the Achilles heel of the Jubilee, and do you want to be remembered for creating the turmoil and stalemate over ballots; and not creating peace and development in your term and reign in Power. Peace.

Best Regard

Writer of MinBane


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