Drama at Nakawa, yet again!

Nakawa 01.06.2016

Today we’re a day that was waited for as Dr. Kizza Besigye was supposed to be driven through Kampala in haste as they did last time he was taken from Nakawa Court to Luzira. Today it was supposed to be back-and-fourth Luriza to the Nakawa Magistrate Court. But because of a person who follows him, he was not released to attend his own treason charge at Court.

Here is what happen:

“Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court in session without Dr Kizza Besigye. He hasn’t been produced due to “security reasons”. Prosecution say Kizza Besigye is not in court because he is a ‘security threat’ and want his case heard closer to Luzira Prison. Nakawa magistrate adjourns Kizza Besigye’s treason case to June 15 when he will consider whether to hear case in Nakawa or Luzira” (NBS TV Uganda, 01.06.2016).

Nakawa 01.06.2016 P2

“When The Investigator checked at the Luzira Maximum prisons gate, Besigye was whisked in a tinted bus escorted by three police patrol vehicles, and a lead Police sweeper. At Nakawa, the just elected Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kizza was among those who arrived first at the court premises. Others present are Ingrid Turinawe, the National Womens league chairperson, Kira Municipality MP Semujju Ibrahim Nganda, FDC Party President Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Kampala Lord Mayor Salongo Erias Lukwago as well as city laywer Yusuf Nsibambi Unlike the 18th March when Besigye first appeared, todays security is not so tight as most people have been allowed inside, though most roads leading to Nakawa court have been sealed off” (The Investigator, 01.06.2016).

As this also was said:

“Today’s date was set by presiding Chief Magistrate James Ereemye on May 18 when Dr Besigye made his maiden Nakawa Court appearance. The prosecution, led by Ms Doreen Elima, told court that they needed more time to continue carrying out investigations regarding Dr Besigye’s case file before asking for an adjournment to enable them carry on with the investigations” (103.2 OPG FM, 01.06.2016).

Nakawa 01.06.2016 P3

Well, the Nakawa Magistrate Court was more likely to follow the orders from upon high. As they have pushed the date again for his trial and also the place, as he will be courted in Luzira Prison instead of Nakawa Court, where there will be harder for the Opposition to follow the trial, some might have possibility to join as they are detained for being opposition of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

I am sure the reason for him not travelling through Kampala today, is that the people would surge around the car of Besigye and that would look terrible for the President Museveni, who has a state visit from Turkey. He does not want to lose face as he has closed so many streets downtown to make sure that nobody drives in sequence of the State Visits from both South Korea and Turkey. This proves that the donor-funds and military agreements are more important than both tourism and locals, as they have to take long routes from Kampala to Entebbe, or even struggle to pass certain parts of the Capital while the VIP and NRM Elite is enjoy the spotlight while the visitors are there.

This happens on the day that Besigye cannot cross town because he will make Museveni look like a loser. As the FDC Organization showed up at the Nakawa Court waiting for Besigye to show up, which he didn’t apparently… “So Activist Ingrid Turinawe, Nyanjura Doreen arrested and bundled in the notorious Noah UAT 018q. We are getting reports from them that the goons are torturing them with pepper spray inside the car” (Moses Atocon Atyekwo, 01.06.2016).

Nakawa 01.06.2016 P4 Torture Van

More on the Car:

“The notorious grey Noah which is the official Kifesi torture van that picked Ingrid Turinawe and Nyanjura Doreen today is travelling on a forged number plates” (Jersey Saprise, 01.06.2016).

There been reports later that the arrested are detained at the Kiira Road Police Station. This is happening while the “Techpreneur Samwyri released on bond, days after he was arrested for allegedly planning ‘illegal demonstrations’” (NBS TV Uganda, 01.06.2016).  So the guy working for Mr. Simon Tusiime and Vintage Creations for selling and producing Besigye T-Shirts; as the NBS reported this: “Mr Tusiime is known to his friends as ‘Samwyiri’. Today, his lawyers are expected to apply for bail. The charge(s) remain unclear. One of the most recent posts on his Facebook account encourages those interested in owning one of the black t-shirts emblazoned with the face of the leading opposition figure to get in touch” (NBS TV Uganda, 30.05.2016).  So as he was the grand producer of T-Shirts and not planning to revolt, but instead doing something as creating design on T-shirt after the FDC Presidential Candidate, and it happen to be popular, something that is hurting the pride of the Museveni.

So there is good news as Besigye lingers in Luzira Prison, as Ingrid Turinawe and Doreen Nyanjura are in custody at Kiira Road Police Station. There are finally released the man who made some T-Shirts.

This is enough for now. More to come as it happens the stories on jail and detaining of Forum for Democratic Change will not stop all of sudden as long as the NRM Regime continues their work of silencing and crashing the opposition. This will happen with force in this term and with torture, as President Museveni doesn’t have any scruples anymore or pride in his democratic values or breaches of decent human rights, unless it is his rights of eating of the whole states plate and the Ugandan government funds. Peace.

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