Total Nonsense: Detained for making Besigye T-Shirts!

26.05.2016 Besigye T-Shirts

There are days where you wonder if the Ugandan Police might have lost their mind. IGP Kale Kayihura and his men must be noblest of sorts. They are such wise men who know intelligence and collect it. How they are about and the clueless approach to all the attacks and recent renegades of political storm called the General Election 2016. So as Dr. Kizza Besigye lingers in Luzira. His ghost is still following the Police Force and their officers; there todays arrest is naturally in the sense of nonsense.

These T-Shirts made by Vintage Creations that can be ordered by: “You can order yours today. The number to call is +256751340727”. So you can get the t-shirts on your own. How Mr. Samwyiri was taken: “was picked from his home earlier today by 8 men. His house was ransacked. They’ve told me, “we shall get the answers.” (Bibi Rukwengye, 29.05.2016)

Even the once associated with the company of Vintage Creations have been apprehended by the Police. That proves not only Mr. Samwyiri are taken by the Police and detained. Samson Tusiime we’re detained by the Police Force for displaying the Besigye T-Shirts online. The NRM Regime should not be so hasty and afraid, as they are supposed to be the winners. If they we’re so honest in their rule, they wouldn’t be afraid of a Besigye T-Shirts; that is just nonsense. NRM cannot sustain the insinuation of the existence of Besigye right now, therefore men wearing Besigye shirts is an insult and worthy of detaining by their security forces. That proves how little justice and rule of law there in the land. Peace.

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