A look into the Insurgents or assailants in the Yumbe District!

Yumbe 20.05.2016

There are now reports of military deployment in Yumbe District as there are unknown gunmen, that even some of my intelligence even has names, which the Government does not want to go out with, I don’t know the reason for that, but there must be something with the history or the local knowledge either in South Sudan or in Northern Uganda.

First report:

Ugandan authorities have blamed unidentified group of gunmen they suspect to be South Sudanese for abducting 20 people in Yumbe district. Local authorities say the incident took place on Tuesday morning and have vowed to make the culprits “pay”” (National Courier, 20.05.2016).

Second Report:

The information about the origins of these well armed group is still mysterious but they are believed to be well organised. They recently attacked Kajokegi prison and released many inmates” (Jersey Saprise, 21.05.2016).

What other reports are saying:

“The correct one I think is 22 please one shot dead by names Kabangira Messach two escaped one by names Uriah Habibu. The armed group leader is Olima Majid with 4 Ak47 they 10 in number mixed with south Sudanese army heading to Bamure in Kajokeji county”.

There been also talk of abduction in Midigo, in the same area as the shooting and killings. But that I cannot verify.

According to Lt Andrew Kandiho, the District Internal Security Officer (DISO), joint operation with South Sudan operatives is on to ensure the abducted people are freed.

This report also:

“The abductions are linked to increased disturbance in parts of South Sudan closer to the Ugandan border, attacks that authorities blame on forces loyal to renegade SPLA general Peter Gatdet Yaka, who chairs the Provisional Political Committee (FDP) and Provisional Military Council (SSAF).“Rebels from South Sudan have dramatically escalated their attacks, abducting more than 200 people, including 54 children in the first two months of this year,” a security source said on condition of anonymity due to sensitivity of the matter” (Charles Mboowa, 20.05.2016).

Information from South Sudan on the action:

“The raid in Lewa village, a farmland in Kochi parish, happened at around 2am on Monday night, residents, local and security officials said. The whereabouts of the abductees remain unknown, but Yumbe District chairman Taban Yasiin said yesterday they were likely taken to South Sudan and a search was underway to find them. The gunmen earlier pillaged another village in Moyo District, snatching goats and grabbing food stuff, according to the District Internal Security Officer (DISO) , Lt Andrew Kandiho. “We are also working jointly with security operatives in South Sudan to ensure those people are returned,” Lt Kandiho said. Uganda, he said, has marshalled more troops at the porous frontier straddling Moyo- Kajo Keji County. Mr Yasiin said that they held an emergency security meeting on Wednesday, and have asked the central government to intervene.” (South Sudan News, 20.05.2016).

This story is not over, as the real reason behind it will come and the men who kidnapped and killed men in Yumbe District will be put for trial and hunted down by the two armies the SPLA and UPDF. As the locals are saying more details then the official records. There must be something truthful in the locals, as the Government want to silence the bad record, as the only thing that President Museveni could show after 30 years, was peace and safety, the rest had been squandered away… and the worst is the families of the ones taken away and the ones killed. Peace.

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