The Cavalry tortured of FDC Vice Chairperson of the FDC Youth League; she survived but is still in critical state!

FDC 21.05.2016

Today is a sad day; because of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their Government are using their Police Force to brutally destroy opposition. That Police Force are using all tactics to dismantle the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), the words of the President Museveni, that he wanted to crash and even crush the Opposition, are now in full effect; without no mercy and the Police Officers are doing their job. The job of crashing the Opposition with all kind of methods and no care for their lives. 

It is not easy writing about this, as this could have been me or you. We all who stand against tyranny and fight injustice can get into the hands of Police State and get punished for speaking out our mind. Therefore it is saddening me, to see the pictures and the story that fellow comrade Ingrid Turinawe describes and writes today. As I will show; this is heartbreaking and sad. The brutality and bestiality from the Authorities that not only mentally, but also with chemicals destroys a fellow human beings life, because of her political affiliation, she wasn’t a criminal or a terrorist, she was an active member of the FDC in Uganda. That was it! That should not be a reason to get this treatment, none should get this treatment, she is an innocent citizen who cares about politics and get hurt for life for doing so. The Destruction of this life lays in the tarnished legacy of President Museveni and by orders of IGP Kale Kayihura, hope these people will hunt your sleep and mind. As they are just like you, with a heart and mind; they will be the reminder of how you ate the whole state and now is punishing the ones who is not affiliated with the NRM. That is not “Rule of Law” or Justice for that matter.

FDC 21.05.2016 P1

Before I get to preachy; let Ingrid Turinawe tell the story:

“Kakayi Zeridah is the FDC vice chair person of the Youth league. Arrested in Kampala on 11th May, driven to unknown places, injected with chemicals that made her unconscious! Today, I visited ZERIDA, her story is so shocking! After a whole week of terrible torture! In an isolated hut, (read safe house in Gulu) she was driven and abandoned for dead on the road side at the bridge – River ASWA boarder of PADER and Gulu. Good Samaritans rescued her, before they called Kampala family who went to pick her. She has an injured back, she cannot walk on her own. She needs prayers. Listening to Zerida z story, you really thank God that she is alive! Unbelievable! Can’t imagine these things can even happen in our motherland!” (Ingrid Turinawe, 21.05.2016).

FDC 21.05.2016 P2

That’s enough for now. Peace.

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