Solidarity march for the victims of Beni we’re dispersed in Kinshasa today; while Opposition leaders were arrested!

Beni Demonstration 21.05.2016

Today there was a march for the victims of the Beni Massacre in Kinshasa, as the march happen in Kinshasa, the Police had to intervene and take down the leaders of the Tshimanga Tshipanda Vidje we’re arrested, also Albert Moleka, the organizers of the demonstrations and others was picked up by the Police in Kinshasa, as the Congolese Authorities doesn’t want any opposition.

What was reported from a witness to today:

“It was following the call of civil society, a march should be organized Exchanger Limete the intelligent building ( government headquarters , Editor’s note) to file a memo. The recommended attire was “black”. While world black outfit arrived at the scene was arrested by men in civilian clothes (…) Me, I escaped and hid in the university St. Augustine. The students gave me notes I held in hand and I borrowed the rail road to get home” (, 21.05.2016).

I have to drop these words, as the Police are shutting down demonstrators who wants justice for the ones that died and are killed in Beni, in North Kivu Province, who deserves a minute and that the guerrillas and army generals get their charge and time for killing civilians.

Beni Pray

Félix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi writes this; “I am blessed! In reality, I’m Congo! For everything you say, I’m disgusted! In fact, I’m pissed in front of so many carelessness, negligence, bestiality… So, I am speaking to those who have the responsibility to secure the population: what are you doing our Congo? Where do you think your children will live and their descendants? In a river of blood? What have we done to deserve such a surge of hatred and indifference of your share? On what floor are you looking to sit your domination? On a cemetery? I don’t have words to appoint your attitude. I’m even incapable of feeling hatred vis-à-vis your cruelty. I suffer in silence and I have been powerless to the killing of mine. In Kinshasa and elsewhere on the national territory, you kill by the mégestion. In Lubumbashi and throughout the katanga, you kill by repression. To the east and far north, you kill by compromise. O Congo my country, for yet to be a haven of peace, blessed by the creator who gave us everything, why so much bad? Are we really unable to live the hand in hand with our ideological differences, our cultural diversity and observing our own commitments? I’m not going to turn to the international community and start to whine. No. These are our dead! Victims of our own stupidity. We must mourn them with dignity and know them justice. These are our dead, and it is up to us to be able to put an end to this series black. Their blood cries out for justice and seeks damages. Let us all congolese, defend our country, our people and our freedom! Let us build a country more beautiful than ever before, in peace and dignity, in order to ensure the well-being to our posterity… Forever” (Felix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi, 18.05.2016).

This is what I have for now. There more to come as we all should be JeSuiBeni! Peace.

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