Donald J. Trump we’re paid for Speaking Engagements in 2015; the same as Hillary Clinton, but she is the problem for being paid, while when he was paid it was okay?

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As the GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump wild ride on Hillary Clinton of Democratic Party for her Speaking Engagement at Goldman Sachs. Let me show what the other Presidential Candidate have disclosed in his Financials, as his Vanity and his IRS Audit cannot be released, because he cannot show his real wealth and his real monetary status. But that is just the proud of his heritage Trump. Let me show you the foolishness he is proud of that is similar to Hillary Clinton, who he tries to take down while he have done the same for the money.

If you wonder why Donald Trump the GOP candidate doesn’t drop his IRS Taxes, here is my thought on that:

Opinion: Why Donald Trump won’t release the IRS Tax Returns? It is because of his Vanity!

Well, let’s get back to the orginal facts on Donald Trump earned money on speaking engagements in 2015 and why it is interesting as he is attacking Hillary Clinton. take a look!

The first is the speaking engagements for A C N INC on the 5/3/2015, 6/28/2015 and 2/14/2015 where Trump was compensated with $110,228, $14,222 and $450,000. So with the speeches with A C N INC in 2015 he earned $ 574,450 with them alone. What can be a three speeches worth over half a million dollars from Trump where the words tremendous and great 100 times?

Well, let me continue, A C N INC is not alone paying to have Donald Trump to speak at their houses and such. As the Donald likes to speak and be the Central Attention of the World with the proof of that he had a Speech to the International Council of Shopping Centers INC on the 8th December 2015 worth the $ 50,000; where he most have spoken about the value of marketing his name and using golden sharpie.

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Donald Trump as stated likes to speak, so with for engagements was not enough for the Donald. Donald likes his own voice and especially when he can speak even to the National Multifamily Housing Council, whatever they stand for or what they cause are since he attended and spoke their on 22nd April 2015 and cashed in $ 100,000 for that speaking engagement.

He was not done so he had to speak to the Peoples Reality Company LLC on the 23rd January 2015, earning a $100,000. That company who lives in a virtual reality needed the vision of Trump to inspire them for a hundred grands.

Also as I covered before from this Public Financial Disclosure on his vanity, is the Speaking Engagement for Samsung; to be correct IMSMFL Incorporated for Samsung Elections America on the 4th March 2015. On that Speaking engagement alone Trump earned $ 150,000 on this.

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So let me put all the speaking engagements together we’re grossing $974,450 close to $1,000,000 United States Dollars for a 7 speaking engagements in 2015, that he has bragged about in his Financial Disclosure. So Donald Trump shouldn’t be too harsh on Hillary Clinton, the other Presidential Candidate for her Goldman Sachs speeches, as he has done something significant; the significant is that it’s practically the same, though not to a giant bank, but speaking for Samsung, A N C INC and so on.  

Let me say, if he can earn close to a Million USD on Speeches, why can’t Hillary Clinton? I am not a man for Hillary Clinton, but the nonsense attacks on her for doing it, cannot come from a man who has done the same. That doesn’t make sense, like most of his campaigning and stances politically except for his xenophobia and hatred that are explained that inside his brain is a tired mad-man who is not getting his lolli… Peace.


Donald J. Trump – Executive Branch Personnel Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 278e) – 2015 JUL 15 PM 4:14

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