UGANDA: Sister of Arrested Former Presidential Candidate Addresses Media (Youtube-Clip)

“The sister of Ugandan former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye spoke briefly to the media outside Nakawa Court in Kampala on May 18 after he was formally charged with treason. Olive Kobusingye said she did not expect to arrive at the courthouse at 8.30am, 30 minutes before the alotted time of Besigye?s appearance, to find the session had already finished. ?By the time I walked to the court gates, it was, I think, quarter to nine, twenty to nine, and the vehicles were speeding out. I gathered that the court proceedings were over,? she said. ?This is not what we expected. Maybe we should be wiser with this government.? Colonel Kizza Besigye was a runner-up in Uganda?s February 2016 presidential election, losing out to Yoweri Museveni, who is currently serving his fifth term as president. February?s elections were overshadowed by accusations of ballot fraud and delayed arrivals of voting cards to multiple polling stations. Presidential hopefuls running against Museveni also experienced tactics of intimidation and violence on election day. A former Uganda Supreme Court justice, George Kanyeihamba, reportedly called for an explanation into Besigye?s most recent arrest and charge of treason” (JeanNewsTV, 2016).

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