The People’s President Airlifted from Moroto amidst Public Protest against his detention; JUST-IN: Moroto Magistrate Court have order Besigye to be detained at Luzira!

Besigye Moroto 16.05.2016

Today the Defiance Campaign went into high-gear, so that the Officials and Police Officers in Moroto had to shoot tear-gas and try to disperse the public who wanted to take Dr. Kizza Besigye into freedom. Something the Police Officers was not accepting. Therefore these reports have shadowed the swearing-in of Members of Parliament, as the Treason Case and the unlawful arrest of Forum for Democratic Change leader have again spoiled the day for the Propagandist National Resistance Movement. Here are the reports!

“Moroto Chief Magistrate, HW Charles Yeteise grants state prayers to transfer Dr Kizza Besigye from Moroto to Luzira Prisons. The court has also transferred Kizza Besigye’s file to the Chief Registrar for reallocation to another court. The application presented by Moroto Resident State Attorney, Gerald Amaro was based of the following grounds:

(1) That the state had intelligence information that some dissidents planned an attack on the Moroto Prison to take away KB;

(2) That the offences against Kizza Besigye were committed between Kampala and Wakiso, so he needed to be in a court near the witnesses in the matter;

(3) That more accused persons to be joined on Kizza Besigye’s file live in Kampala and Wakiso districts; and that Kizza Besigye, being a former presidential candidate deserved to be remanded in a prison with better facilities, and such are only in Luzira.

The court granted the application at about 12:30pm and the accused person was immediately airlifted from Moroto” (NBS TV Uganda, 16.05.2016).

FDC NBS 16.05.2016

“Semujju Nganda (FDC spokesperson): Amama Mbabazi is one of the lawyers headed to Moroto to give legal support to leading opposition figure Dr Kizza Besigye

He has however declined to comment on the mock swearing-in ceremony video: “The matter is before court.” (NBS TV Uganda, 16.05.2016).

“Dr Kizza Besigye the FDC former presidential candidate has been flown in back to Kampala today from Moroto District where he was incarcerated since last week. According to the prisons spokesperson Fred Baine Mayanja the transfer follows a formal request from Besigye’s doctors. Baine says Besigye’s Doctor wrote to the Commissioner General of prisons that his patient be brought closer to him for easy and closer management. However there are contradicting reports that Besigye transfer was only prompted following a protest by angry locals demanding for the release of the FDC strongman and former party presidential flag bearer” (91.3 Capital FM, 16.05.2016).

“JUST IN: Moroto Chief Magistrate court has ordered Dr Kizza Besigye’s transfer from Moroto Government Prisons to Luzira Prison in Kampala. Chief Magistrate Charles Yeteise’s order follows Besigye’s request to be held in Kampala where he allegedly committed the offence” (Northern NewsWire, 16.05.2016).

So now the criminal in the eyes of President Museveni will be sent the majestic prison of Luzira, because he defied the unlawful government that he runs and question his legitimacy; that is an offence in Uganda and therefore he is punished. So now he is airlifted back as the silence of the international world, as they breaches of justice and detaining of Dr. Kizza Besigye. While him and other FDC leaders linger in unlawful arrests. This will be continued as the NRM Regime does whatever it can to silence the opposition and their leaders. Peace.

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