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Lord Mayor Lukwago on the 11th Day of House-Arrest; the Calvary continues with their unlawful arrests of the Opposition!

Lukwago 15.05.2016

Another day in capitivity for an Opposition Leader in Uganda, the unlawful arrest of the Lord Mayor Kampala Erias Lukwago. NRM Regime continues to harass the Opposition and not let them go. Even if certain individuals are free, the freedom is still seens as unlawful and that is adjusted to make sure they are not to vibrant. The arrests have been to silence them and also stop them from mobilizing people around the Swearing-In ceremony of President Museveni; therefore the continued detaining the Opposition is just an assault of the Opposition. The reality is that the FDC is still not a legal unit, as the FDC Headquarter is under siege and even FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu was not allowed to enter the Headquarter. Therefore that Erias Lukwago are still under house-arrest proves how much the ruling regime, fear the legitimacy of them.

Lukwago Statement: 

“11th DAY OF HOUSE ARREST. Finally our brothers, Hon. Ssemujju Nganda and Hon. Michael Kabaziguruka have been set free but there is no indication that these policemen are about to vacate my home. However, the psychological torture has today been somehow mitigated by my nieces, Asha Nkambo, Nkambo Aidah and Salma Nkambo,who have brought my ”grandchildren” to have lunch with the family. Have a blessed Sunday, dear friends” (Erias Lukwago, 15.05.2015).

I think that is enough for now. Peace. 


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