Lord Mayor Lukwago on his Tenth Day under House-Arrest; As the UPF continues to siege his home!

Lukwago 14.05.2016

As the Ugandan Authorities continues to violate all of the ordinary human-rights, as the Opposition like Lord Mayor have been house-arrest for days upon days, over the 48 hours without Charge and being served as the NRM tries to salvage whatever they can with their guns, Police Officers and the Army. While they think their smart with attacking the opposition and detaining them. They are looking more and more foolish. Thinking that they will be gone by the arresting and house-arresting them. But President Museveni has lost the plot and also lost his legitimacy; therefore he have to use the Police Force and Army to actually force himself on the Ugandan People. And that is weak-tea.

But let, Hon. Lord Mayor Lukwago, speak his peace!

Statement from Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago: 

“10TH DAY OF HOUSE ARREST. Still grappling with the issue of illegal confinement at home, as well as the preposterous banishment of Dr. Besigye to Karamoja. But on the flip side, it’s been somehow refreshing, spending the whole day with my ailing mother, Hajat Salma Nakayaga, who gave me a surprise visit, all the way from our ancestral home in Kabungo, Kalungu. Have a blessed weekend, dear friends and put Dr. Besigye in your prayers” (Lukwago, 14.05.2016).

That’s enough for now. Peace.

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