The people of Moroto reacts to the “stay” or “detainee” of who is continued to be arrested there; Just-In: Besigye charged with Treason(!) at Moroto Magistrate Court!

Moroto 13.05.2016 P1

As there has been gun-shots and Police Force out to the reactions of the Public in Moroto. Dr. Kizza Besigye have been detained since 11th May 2016 in Moroto Barracks, as the Government and Police Force wanted to silence him totally. Now some locals have reacted. Secondly there is reports that the Magistrate Court have taken him there and he will be served finally.

“The Deputy Police Spokesperson, Polly Namaye, said they were working with the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) to prosecute him” (New Vision, 13.05.2016).


Moroto Magistrate, who was already home after work, received a call from Bart Katureebe with instructions to ensure Besigye gets detained. Besigye have to be “detained/remanded” until 26th May of 2016.

“BREAKING: Leading opposition figure Kizza Besigye charged with treason by Moroto Chief Magistrate’s Court. Details to follow” (NBS TV Uganda, 13.05.2016).

Surely he will be re-arrested and charged with something reckless. That has been ordered from Up-High as the International Media and the Foreign Presidents have left the country. So now the NRM goes back to normal and prosecute the Forum for Democratic Change with vile force and whatever they do; it is illegal! Peace. 

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