Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is on the Third Day of House Arrest!

Lukwago 07.05.2016 P1

Now the Uganda Police Force is doing the same to him as they have done to Dr. Kizza Besigye and doing to him. They are upping up the ante and keeping the public and their leaders under house-arrest. Lukwago have still not been served or been illegal arrest for over 48 hours, without using Penal Code or even any standard law that are in effect in the country!

Lukwago 07.05.2016 P2

This here is just the levels of impunity and how little the government cares about the laws when they harass the opposition. The Pictures tells the story of how the home of Lukwago is under siege on the third day!

Lukwago 07.05.2016 P3

If you don’t feel it and doesn’t question the mighty government and doesn’t feel the pain of the fellow citizens that are elected to represent the people like Lukwago; then you have an issue. Peace.

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