Kasangati Statehouse: Winne Byanyima had to be monitored by the Calvary; Before she was denied to enter her own home!

Kasangati 06.05.2016 P3

We are used to that the gates of Kasangati is closed and that fellow Forum for Democratic Change leaders are denied access together with Journalist as they are detained at Kasangati Police Station. Now today on yet another day that Dr. Kizza Besigye is under house-arrest. The Police Force is holding him monitored and monitoring everybody who trying to get into the house and compound there. The same happened today even to the wife of Besigye! 

Kasangati 06.05.2016 P2

But today proves the little humility and the little brashness of the Authorities; as Winnie Byanyima the wife of Kizza Besigye have been stopped and had to show all of her suitcases as she was supposed to enter her own home. The Security Forces or the Police denied her entrance at the gates and are closed to drive in there. By the Security Forces who has closed the gates.

Kasangati 06.05.2016 P1

So she is not getting the same treatment as Besigye from the arrogant and merciless forces of the NRM Regime. They don’t care about the person unless it is NRM elite, the rest can be flogged or hurt as long as NRM get to keep the Power and rule the country. Peace.  

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