#SituakaMay5: More details from the Demonstration in Kampala + Side Notes!

Kampala 05052016 Tear Gas

As the Demonstration have set in and the Police Force have used the methods of the Tear-gas and ordinary violence towards the citizens; they had to put up the ante! They couldn’t show weakness towards them. So they had to send 3 Sukhoi Su-30MK2 Russian fighter jets bought by Uganda in 2012 flying over Kampala skies.

Kampala 05052016 Masses

It is apparently not enough to order people inside the shops while the Army and the Police disperse the public with force. There been report of 8 arrest in Central Kampala together with the ones mentioned House-arrests in the morning. So the tally is becoming bigger by the moment as the Authorities does what it can to shut down the activists and the Demonstrations in general.

Kampala 05052016 Army

So in Kampala alone there been demonstrations at Kyambogo, Makerere, Natete, Nakawa and Old Kampala or the Central Business District. So the city has showed their dissatisfaction with the regime and their methods of controlling them. Three Kyambogo students have been arrested alone and is currently detained Jinja Police Station.

Kampala 05052016 Arrest

Defiance in Chinese if your worried about banning you on Social Media: 视.

The Soldiers in Kampala is been said to speak French; so they seems like hired guns by the government to keep their own citizen silenced. The Same as the Election Day, when President Museveni had hired South Sudanese army to keep people calm on that day.

Lukwago's home have gotten the famous Black Van to his place, means he soon detained!
Lukwago’s home have gotten the famous Black Van to his place, means he soon detained!

Side Note, but important: 

Mbale police and army arresting people randomly. Several in police cells while others are taken to unknown distinations.

Side Note No.2: Kamuli responds to the Demonstrations! 

Kamuli 05052016

Side Note No. 3: 

There are now reports that the Police Force are detaining people in Entebbe.

Side Note No. 4: Information from Bushenyi

About 6 FDC activists and a media practitioner Wilber Muhwezi Kasibante have just been arrested in Bushenyi Town and detained at Bushenyi Police Station. RPC and DPC conducted operations. There also been arrested in total three journalists in Bushenyi!

Bushenyi 0505.2016

There will be more to comes this is the beginning for the trial of democracy and the trial of justice for the votes cast in February 2016 as the public want an International Audit of the General Election of 2016. Peace.

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