NRM Party in economic shambles; Still not payed for T-Shirt used in 2011 Election!

NRM Oyee! 09.04.2016

The National Resistance Movement is in a pickle as their Swearing-In ceremony is coming in the near future and the government supposed to have a lavish party with 50 invited Head-of-States to celebrate the 7th Term of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. After so-called “winning the Presidential Election of 2016”; that is their view and their perspective. But the NRM-O and the NRM Party has an economic pickle to catch-up with.

This is as the documents from the High Court have ordered a certain debt that the NRM Party have gained towards the Centenary Rural Development Bank and the Housing Finance Bank (Uganda) Limited. The debt is in 4,990,700,000 Uganda Shillings. That is lots of monies. The accounts that the NRM party is frozen in the banks until the debt are settled with the creditors. This document comes from the court yesterday on the 25th April 2016.

NRM 14.11.15

Already in March 2016 the allegation and courtship over the debt started. As it said then:

“Judgement on admission is hereby entered against the respondent (NRM) in the amount of Shs4.9b. The issue of cost of the application shall be determined by the suit” Mr. Opesen held yesterday” (…)”The money arouse of supply 60,000 T-shirts, one million scarves and 200,000 sleeveless shirts” (…)”Kampala Modernity Stationers and Printers sued the ruling party in 2013 for contribution of the said money to be paid to Dubai based firm, Bright Arrows Trading which supplies the ready-made garments” (…)”M/S Bright Arrows Trading have sued Kampala Modernity for breach of contract leading to third party proceedings compelling court to add NRM as party in the case” (Buule, 2016).

So the truth is there and the Money that are dealing the problems as the buyer of the amounts of garments and clothes for campaigning in 2011 is biting the NRM Party today, as they still have sufficiently paid the Kampala Modernity who could not cough-up the invisible money that is owned to the producer of Brighter Arrows Trading from Dubai. And the people in Dubai is under the accord of doing business directly in Uganda, so they just want their money for their already delivered t-shirts that seemed at the time to be sufficient and well-used products by the NRM Party. As the NRM have a tendency to give away Yellow T-shirts and other material; even if they give away the producers still need their money and their production of the T-Shirts covered.

Gen Tukumunde Entebbe Dec 2015 - Money Man for NRM

So that Kampala Modernity Stationers and Printers sues NRM for neglecting their concern and pay bills for their procurement of T-Shirts and other garments. The Kampala Modernity wants and need this money to pay-up to the Dubai Based Company Brighter Arrows. But the buck and shillings stops at NRM Party who has not lived-up to their credit or honoring their agreement with Kampala Modernity. Therefore the issues with their accounts now at extent of the Party have to 6th May 2016 to pay the debt and clear the accounts in the Centenary Rural Development Bank and the Housing Finance Bank (Uganda) Limited.

So the monetary question seems to be climbing and this is stemming from the last campaign. Not even from this one who stopped in February 2016. If the party of NRM struggles to pay-up for the 2011 elections, what about the 2016 campaigns and the big spending of recent months as the State House needed additional funding? There certainly a mismanagement of funds and dwindling concern of honoring agreements as he static use of funds is not accountable, as the display of monies used to fund 2011 Elections still is questioned and not yet accounted for or even payed for and we are just done with last election of 2016.

The NRM Party and their NRM CEC does not look like they are a controlled unit as the NRM Task Force of 2011 couldn’t fix the issue and fund the needed T-Shirts and they are still gripping with lost funds. That must be worrying as the ruling party is dozing away cash without being accountable to the creditors and need to go to court to get them to facilitate the money for the purchase done in 2011. Peace.


Buule, Jon – ‘N.R.M. in 4 billion debt over poor quality Yellow T.Shirts!!!’ (01.03.2016) link:

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