Dr. Kizza Besigye left Kasangati Magistrate Court with a “No Cash Bond” today; Will return to Court on 27th April!

Besigye Kasangati Magistrate Court 13.04.2016

Today, Dr. Kizza Besigye was in court for taken the wrong route through Kampala Metropolitan Area, when driving to the FDC Prayeers at Najjankumbi on the 5th April 2016. As the bond leaving Naggalama Police Station was claiming and charging him for a Illegal Procession towards Najjakumbi from Kasangati.

He could argue that it wasn’t planned and that he left alone in his own car from Kasangati and as long as he drove towards Najjankumbi through Kampala more people surged around him and tailed him. This should not be seen as illegal activity for a man trying to get to Central Kampala and meet with fellow Party Officials and Party Members at the Party Headquarter. But because this he got first hold and detained at Kiira Road Police Station, before moved to Naggalama Police Station in Mukono. And stayed there all day without reason, until he got “freedom” that evening.

Here is the result from Kasangati Magistrate Court on the case for now:

Besigye Kasangati Magistrate Court 13.04.2016

Besigye was granted: “has been granted non cash bail”. He will be back to Court on the 27th April as the case will be up-to court at that date. So this is yet another case where the Police Force and Magistrate facilitate to stall the verdict and the ruling. That is what happen today.

That is what the document also says, and should not be forgotten. An if he does not answer to the charge at that day, then the FDC Mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe  and Tonny Sempebwa have to cough-up UGX 2 Million! Peace. 

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