IGP Kayihura lied; Still Police guarding the gate at Besigye’s home in Kasangati!

Kasangati 01.04.2016 Police

As earlier in the day the IGP Kayihura talked bravely again of leaving the home of Dr. Kizza Besigye, the reality of on the ground and around his compound is the same. It is more or less the same as in the recent 40 days of house-arrest!  The Police is in the Anti-Riot Vehicle guarding his home and keeping him under strict surveillance and has not left the gates of his home. This is strictly countering the words earlier in the day.

So IGP Kayihura the man who says he never was under house-arrest and now said he ordered DPC Kawalya to drop the Police from the premises and the compound of the FDC Presidential candidate and the Amama Mbabazi Petition to Supreme Court for annulment of the Election have been dismissed, why are they still there?

Kasangati 01.04.2016 Police P2

Or has somebody after hearing your lying words countered you and not allowed for another deployment of the honorable Police that are still standing outside the gates of his home!

For those who forget quickly this is what was being told to the press for IGP Kayihura: ““he has instructed Kasangati Police Station DPC to withdraw deployment outside Dr Kizza Besigye’s home as they maintain close monitoring of his movements to ensure people’s safety”.

Wafula Oguttu statement today:

The police has just deployed more officers around Dr Besigye’s home. More than before with more motorcycles and closer to the main gate. We are yet to know what is going on especially given the fact that the IPG told the world today that they had given back Dr Besigye’s freedom. I am here”

Does not look like that to me. They are still sitting there and wondering if he ever going to leave the compound so they detain him again, that is the routine for the men at the gates of Kasangati.

Well, same old same old. More lies from the proud, IGP Kayihura and the pictures say it all. Peace.

An Important Update!

Look now at evening time they are still there and not planing to leave!

Kasangati Night 01.04.2016

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