Fellow brothers and sisters lose their lives because of ballots and rigging; I am in sorrow and in pain; elections feels pointless, but the struggle should continue in peace, as we should not act as the oppressor, because then we are the same

Mandela Quote

It’s saddens me and with sorrow is coming to me. As the knowledge of people dying for politics… people dying for rigging of ballots, dying for pre-ticked ballots, dying for others people’s power.

It is saddens me, as some people are mourning, not only the thieving of their ballot, but their family member suddenly gone from their lives. Which is the biggest loss a fellow human being can have, as the family member can’t return back to them, the person is gone. What we can back is a bottle of coke or waragin, but not the brother who got killed as a candidate got the UPDF or the Uganda Police Force to assert actions in Kasese today as a result of the Local Council III election in a sub-county in Kasese District. It is so sad to see the footage and the unnecessary deaths. The men and woman was unarmed while the Police Officers was having newly polished AK-47 and shooting at them.

It saddens me this as the unsolved murder of Christopher Aine is still in the limbo, as the family and the Amama Mbabazi of Go-Forward has not gotten answers from the authorities or the police, as they are supposed to pick up intelligence to solve the matter.

It is with sorrow that the public has not gotten answers with the fellow persons who came onto the shores of Lake Victoria in December 2015, in the middle of campaigning and right around Christmas. So the silence of the matter is tale of sorrow and pain that has been addressed or talked about as they just died and the society or families deserve to get the justice for the men and woman who lost their lives at the time.

It’s saddens me knowing that a person got bombed on the day before the presidential poll on the 17th February. The bomb and explosion has not led to anything or created anything else than pain for the families who lost their loved ones.

It is with sorrow that the killings are getting staggering levels after the Presidential Election Day on the 18th February 2016 and the Announcement on the 20th of February 2016. From the demonstrators who even got killed on the 15th February as they wanted to Kizza Besigye passage through Central Kampala. They all died and we can ask are this what we all wanted?

That people are dying for seeing a politician, even if he is the epitome of everything the regime of the country is not. It is not easy to write this as a man died while waiting in que for the delayed ballots. The person just wanted to do his civic duty, not die for the soil. It seems so pointless, as he would have thrown a vote that most likely the Electoral Commission would not admit in their final result, as the stations would not be deemed valid by Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu and his henchmen.

It’s saddens me what happen in Sembabule district on the 25th February 2016, an Election Supervisor got beaten to death. He was beaten to death by unknown men. It saddens to know that an unknown killed him. Feels sorrow for his family and loved ones, as he was just doing a duty for the rigged voting machine.

It’s with sorrow that a giant group of people died in Bundibugyo on the 27th February 2016, and even more people has fled the area in the aftermath. As the area that has seen guerrilla violence, also see skirmishes between government forces because of local elections. It seems so pointless to die for yet another ballot.

It is with sadness that 3 people lost their lives in Soroti on the 5th March. As the UPDF killed them and injured even more people. The sadness of loss their lives and the killings from the government force on yet another day.

It is with sorrow that two police officers we’re shot dead during the raid of Kapchormwa on the 5th March of an unknown guerrilla, UPDF deserters or rebels. It is with sadness that the attack happens on these men as they have family and friends.

On the 11th February today, have many unarmed and ordinary citizens been shot in Kasese District, for no other notion than election result and election rigging. In the power of bullets and ballots have yet more fellow human beings lost their lives.

It is in the this notion I cry havoc, the deep pain of these men and woman who died for a cause, for a country or for just being near the decisions of big men. Many of them was not closely involved in politics, some of them was a part of the government as men who worked for that salary, not necessary that they had a pro-government stance and for the oppressive regime who have taken most of these lives. Even though the ones who takes a life does not always matter, because the most important one is the life that got taken away.

I cry and weep in sorrow. As the people who see and feel the emotions and knowingly the bullets in Kasese could have pointed towards us, pointed towards our brother and pointed towards our sister. We could be the target and the random person who got our life snatched away for the mercy of the men of power.

It’s in sadness and staring into the abyss, as some people might wish to retaliate with the same force as the government, as the police and the army. But if they kill and the opposition kills, who can you tell apart? If they tear-gas us and we try to tear-gas them, what is the difference between them and us? If we answer violence with violence aren’t we are the same as our enemies? Let us not be as the one that brings pain to our homes. We need to defy the state by defiance and in disobedience that weakens the state, not use the violence and killing methods of the state. As we who feels this pain and sorrow does not want to deliver the same pain to our enemies. As we are not the same and does not wish to be the same; we are different. We suffer with the ones who suffer, the ones who has lost their family members and the ones that has been in the midst of the dark tombs of the state. Not because we understand their pain and suffering, but because we care and want to bring the peace, liberty and justice, by defying with peaceful means, and through the dignity and honor  the fallen brother and sisters.

We cannot in this pain and violence, join the ones who kills and destroy, the ones that steals and corrupt. The ones that deliberately tortures, detain and arrest innocent citizens, activist and opposition. We are here today in the midst of our pain, our sorrow and with meager hope. As we have seen the government machine and the military police force go and take lives in Kasese. The pain that eat our hearts and souls as the lives matters as much as ours. We could have been the ones the government had picked. They didn’t pick us now, but we could been; therefore we have to remember them and the others who are detained, arrested, who are missing and the ones who lost their lives today and yesterday. As tomorrow will soon shine over us; the pain, the sorrow and the sadness will still be carried, the memory of the actions of our oppressors, but know that our struggle is not over and the fight for justice still has to come. The road might lead us into even a darker shadow and a stronger pain as the government plan is not easy to predict. What we can is stay strong together, remember the violence, remember the ones that got lost, remember the ones that are detained and carry them with us. As they shall not be forgotten and the men and woman dying shall not be in vein; but not done in return in a way where family members of the ones who oppress get the same sorrow and pain. Then we are not different from the ones that take us for granted and take the one we care about right in front of us. Peace.

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