Another group called USF claimes responsibility for the violence at the Kapchorwa Police Station on the 5th March 2016 (11.03.2016)

USF Kapchorwa 10.03.2016


Is these folks the same as the “Save Uganda Now” or claiming to be somebody else, as the name has a similar tone and style as it it: “Uganda Saving Force”. Have they changed their name? Or is it somebody else claiming the liability for the violence and killings at Kapchorwa Police Station? Because the Press release from SUN was very detailed and clear about how they acted.

No matter what, there seem to be a group or groups taken responsibility for the actions in Kapchorwa, so that the UPF does not need to conduct business and find intelligience. Because both the SUN and now USF take charge and say did it. And the question is if the SUN and the USF is the same, in the same way NRA and the NRM is the same. Peace.

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