Press Release: “We, Save Uganda Now” (SUN) claimed responsibility of the March 5, 2016 attack on a police station in Kapchorwa district. (Released: 08.03.2016)

Kapchorwa March 2016

We, Save Uganda Now (SUN) attacked the police station at Kapchorowa just after 12:15 am and would like to state that our operation was successful beyond our expectation, and would like to thanks population for their support but our gratitude goes to the men that participated in this mission and we give thanks to the Lord our God who ensured that all our brave combatants returned safely.

Citizens we have began efforts to free our Uganda from tyranny, we all know that constitutionalism died a long time ago and was finally laid to rest on the 19th /feb/2016.may its soul not rest until constitutionalism is restored.
Here follows details of the Kapchorowa attack.

-Last Saturday two platoons of commandos, arrived at the vicinity of the station at around 10:15 pm for an attack that was supposed to be effected at 3.30 am, after positioning themselves the waited fro zero hour, their objective was to acquire arms and ammunition.

However the Lord God of Israel being on our side an opportunity availed itself just after midnight and our commander “maji moto” gave us the strike command.

Soldiers guarding the post began leaving their post at around 11:30 pm by 12;15 only 9 soldiers were left on guard we wiped them out and proceeded to our objective point we completely overwhelmed the few officers in the station, they were so confused that one officer run head on towards our strike force asking for help he thought we were UPDF we later released him (his name was LABU) we just took his gun and uniform.

Our strike force had divided themselves into three groups force A was to lead strike force, strike force 2 was for carrying the Arms/ ammunition from the armory and strike force 3 was secure the roads to and from the station and our withdrawal routes- we had 3 routes out 2 were diversionary.

We would like to categorically state that Commander Maji Moto did not lose any men in these operation, the only man reported killed at the station we found at the station being booked by the police sergeant and was got in the cross fire as we advanced to armory.

We would like to thank the Uganda army who has help us immensely by arresting and beating the local with impunity and inducing more support for our cause from the population.

Country men we acquired 35 guns and over 320 round of munitions in this single operation we also like to clarify that the police officer under arrest for allegedly assisting us is a scape goat he was picked simply because he is an FDC supporter and the spin by state media that the attack was by criminals led by one Chelimo is a lie, there is no chelimo in our force neither where they involved in this operation.

In conclusion, we released some political prisoners who had been held without charges since and before the elections most have chosen to join the struggle to save our country. Beloved men and women of Uganda the battle has began, give thanks a praise to the Lord our God.

Save Uganda Now-SUN
supported by C4DC- Citizens for the defense of the constitution.

3 thoughts on “Press Release: “We, Save Uganda Now” (SUN) claimed responsibility of the March 5, 2016 attack on a police station in Kapchorwa district. (Released: 08.03.2016)”

  1. All Ugandans are asked to assist the SUN commandos in any way they can to get rid of this cancer and its supporters. The Banyankole have made Uganda their property its high time that they pay. And I can assure you that they are going to pay back.

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