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The Isingiro FDC Chairman Mr.Bafaki has been arrested by the Police; as the Oppression of the opposition continues.

FDC 25.02.2016

As the continuously harassment and detaining the Forum of Democratic Change chairman of the district; Mr. Bafaki was arrested from his home, there been release of charges or reasons for the arrest from the authorities. Neither is the destination or place of arrest as it seem the crack-down on the opposition getting wider by the day and the relics of rule of law is weakening as the NRM-Regime only way of forcing their power, is to take the people hostage and not give freedom and justice to the people. That must be the reason why also Mr. Bafaki gets detained by the Police as so many other FDC Officials and FDC agents get detained just days after the presidential Election Day on the 18th February. Peace.  

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