A Special Message to the People of Uganda from General David Sejusa, the Chairman of Free Uganda (FU) pro-democracy campaign group (24.02.2016)

David Sejusa TV

The message was communicated by General Sejusa on Tuesday 23 February 2016, when Museveni’s Kangaroo court, the so-called General Court Martial denied him bail on wholly illogical and politically defined grounds that his sureties must be army generals at his rank, something that is impossible given the fact that the only Generals at Sejusa’s rank are the same ones who have conspired with Gen Museveni to place Sejusa in custody and are now at the heart of the politically motivated plot to keep Gen Sejusa out of circulation.

Full Statement by General David Sejusa (Tuesday 23 February 2016):

“Ugandans must not loose hope.

I think now you believe what I told you about the dictator’s intentions.

I told you that participating in a sham election was going to be a waste of time.

However, the struggle for political change must continue.

Together we shall succeed.

Do not worry too much about what is happening to me, the most important thing is for you not to give up.

For God and My country.

Thank you.”

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