Dr. Kizza Besigye Demonstrates by the gates to his home in Kasangati as he wants to be “charged” by the Police and is not making his home a Jail; As he has gone back and fourth to Naggalama Police Station in the recent days!

Besigye 23.02.2016 Kasangati

Here is the story as the few hours have unfolded. It turns out to be a big story on its own. Had to separate this one; as the details continue and the demonstration makes the Police unsure of what to do. As he even pushes for going to town, but that is not allowed by the Police apparently.

More details:

“Dr. Kizza Besigye has been delivered to his gate by Police. On getting there he has refused to enter his compound” (…)”Dr. Kizza Besigye says “he’s tired of the routine of being arrested every morning, spending the day in jail & then being delivered to his house” (…)”Dr. Kizza Besigye said: “I am not going to be complicit in turning my home into a prison” (Daily Monitor – Erias Mukiibi, 23.01.2014).

Latest Eyewitness report from the gates of Kasangati:

“Dr. Besigye protests the kind of arrests by police. He was forcefully driven from Nagalama at 10pm back to his gate. He had preferred to stay in cells arguing home is not prison. He has not charged with any offence or given bond for all the times he has been arrested. He now get out of van enters his car (outside the gate) he wants to move out now! Police blocking him. He vows if they can’t open for him he will walk. THERE IS A STAND OFF HERE…He just wants police to charge him and take him to court- if at all he has a case to answer. Stand off still in progresses!!! Here at gate. He wants to walk. No press at all. It’s a worrying situation”.

Late night report:

This has occured after he demonstrated to his night-time house-arrest after being detained earlier today at Naggalama Police station. Best evidence! Dr. Kizza Besigye with his two advocates at his home in Kasangati in the middle of the night, right by his gate!

KB Kasangati 23.02.2016 Night

Shawn Mabiru reports: 

Kizza Beisgye refuses to enter his home, “my home is not a prison, you can take me back if you want.” He is in his car at the gate.

Later Francis Mwijukye reports:

“Happening now: Dr. Besigye tells policemen at his gate that the wants to move out and do whatever he wants in town. The police commander is telling him that although he is out of Nagalama police station, he is not free to leave his House”.

KB 23.02.2016

My quick take on it:

He has been on outside his gates since 10 PM and now it is midnight and the Police does not do anything or react to the protest! This have no been days on end without a charge from the Police.  The issue is that he today  the whole day detained without charge and been hours on the outside gate. As he was taken in the morning and back at gates on the evening at 10.Am. Which tells a story on it’s own.

This will unfold and the story will not stop! An the Police of Uganda seem not to stop detaining and arresting Dr. Kizza Besigye as his movement and actions are the greatest danger to the Militarization and Police-State under the NRM-Regime under President Museveni, as he is the total opposite of him. Peace. 

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