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Ingrid Turinawe arrested by the Police; Some information about some arrests from the FDC HQ today!

Ingrid Turinawe

As the events unfold the gloves are all off and the nakedness of the totalitarian state and Police State that President Museveni has turned the Ugandan State into, as yet another FDC Opposition leader get jailed, again within days. She was just recently released and had stayed longer in the Naggalama Police Station together with the other FDC officials including Harold Kajja.

DPC Geoffrey Kahebwa has said that she was on the “Most Wanted List”. As she has said this today to the media: “About 5 members of the FDC have been pulled out of their offices at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi and taken to unknown destination”. That does not give a good view of the situation of how the Police are carrying out their affairs and shutting down the operations of the FDC.

Ingrid Turinawe said this today about the situationa and elections result: 

“If at all you have won elections why arrest your opponent? For only 14 days to petition court, Dr. Besigye cannot have a meeting with his party officials, he cannot meet his lawyers, he cannot get a briefing from his election agents, he cannot move to gather evidence he needs for court processes, he cannot access the E.C declaration report! With only 9 days remaining to petition, today, he will spend the 9th day in unknown police cell. By the time he comes out, probably t0mmorow, he will be remaining with 8 days. This is too much pushing!”.

And hours before she was taken on Mukwano Road she complied this herself: 

“Our headquarter is now taken over by police. They are arresting every staff here. DPC Kahebwa says he is now in charge. He has just said he has been looking for me. Happening now”.

She has been taken by the Police Force on the Mukwano Road in Kampala to an unknown locations. As the FDC Officials and FDC Party Organizations is treated as an illegal organization by the Police State under the NRM-O and the President Museveni. Ingrid Turinawe is the FDC Mobilization Secretary and has a pivotal place in the party. So the inprisonment of her, and the other members in direct attack on how the party operates as political party. IGP Kale Kayihura better have a relavent argument for this blantant distruptions and destructions of the main opposition party; I am sure he is just following order to generate peace, but it can’t be peace by taking in innocent men  and woman. Who just fought their belief of a nation with accoutability and transparency in the government of Uganda. The Certainty is that as long as this unfolds the Government and the Police is losing track of their supposed jobs and titles, while make enemies and creating enemies instead of securing security to the people.

Latest information from parts of the FDC Staff and the FDC Officials:

“Our staff; Musoke Vincent, Byaruhanga Tadeo, Bichwa Rodgers & Byaruhanga William their offence is inciting violence” (FDC, 22.02.2016).

22.02. FDC Release Bond - 'Violence'

Well, it’s the Police who creates the violence and shot tear-gas, shot people, lock them up and detain people. The planned events from the FDC Party was a walk to the Electoral Commission; not vandalise the Parliament! The Police are now manufacturing reasons to initimidate FDC Party Staff. The world is watching!  Peace.

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