Press Release: From the FDC about delay in polling on 18th February 2016

Besigye 18.02.2016

The Forum For Democratic Change, has noted with concern the calculated moves by the Electoral Commission and some elements within the security organs to disenfranchise Ugandans.

Cases of delayed arrival for polling materials have been widely reported, particularly in areas of Wakiso, Mukono, Jinja and Kampala districts, in spite of repeated assurances from Dr Badru Kiggundu chairman of EC that they were ready for the polls and polling would begin at 7am.

The objective we suspect is to weaken the spirit of Ugandans in particular areas who woke up very early to exercise their civic duty. The particular areas where voting has delayed are the easiest to reach by the EC and therefore the challenges cannot have be due to technical reasons but a deliberate move to disenfranchise certain constituencies which are strongholds of FDC. This shows that the men and women entrusted with management of elections in this country are bent at frustrating democracy and are enemies of the people. They are frustrating and causing disorganization and provocation of the people into some form of confrontation. We however call on our supporters to remain calm but vigilant. Please protect your vote the best way you can. Do not give up. Do not leave the polling stations until you exercise your right to vote. Even when you do, stay behind.

We have also received reports of boxes with pre-ticked ballots, all in the favour of candidate Yoweri Museveni. A very good example is in Nabweru where our vigilant supporters were able to land on vehicle with EIGHT boxes contained already ticked ballots. An alarm was raised. The boxes were whisked to the police station.

The last time we made contact; there was still a standoff between the residents and the police. You also heard of reports that a certain MP from Bushenyi was last night arrested after being caught in possession of boxes containing preticked ballot papers.
Intimidation: In Sembabule district, all our agents have been beaten up by security operatives.

Our humble appeal to all Ugandans and our supporters is to remain at the polling stations and exercise restraint but be firm, no matter the level of provocation. We understand the conditions you find yourselves in but please don’t fall into the trap being set. They know we are the majority, that is why they are frustrating us. However, change is coming. The change you deserve.
One Uganda, one people.

Executive Director
FDC Campaign Bureau

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