NRM use the UPDF to get crowds in Lira; as they also pay them to show-up at the Mayors Garden rally!

UPDF Lira NRM 14.02.2016

The UPDF help to generate people, to get them going to today’s rally in Lira. As NRM and President Museveni holds a rally in the town. While the Police has taken down the Poster of the FDC and Dr. Kizza Besigye. As the Government outfits works for the NRM and not loyal to the citizens, but to the NRM and Museveni!

The Party does also do this:

NRM is offering 10k + a yellow T.shirt to folks in Lira in exchange for coming to mayor’s garden to attend Musevenis rally”. 

Lira NRM 14.02.2016

Bebe Cool had some ganja today claimed this:

“The opposition now claims the topic of the debate was in M7’s favor,for sure I know as a citizen of Uganda that our president is a brilliant man with a vision. One main reason why M7 had to beat all is they all forgot to utilise their time to their advantage, instead they all wanted to shoot at him hence giving him more time to elaborate, convince and win the nation”. 

UGX 10k to listen to his speech and music shows his popularity in the area. As they don’t show up on own accord. The NRM should think about that for a hot minute. Peace. 

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