Lukwago Statement after President Museveni addressed him a rally as “Rat”; Have the footage(Youtube-clip) where Mzee displays arrogance towards Lukwago in Kampala today!


Statement by Hon. Lukwago:

With all due respect to H. E. President Museveni, I take exception of the outlandish statement he made on his campaign trail in Kampala wherein he referred to me and other elected leaders in Kampala as ”RATS”. That there is insurmountable pressure on him to relinquish power to the people’s president, Dr. Besigye, in a week’s time, is a given, but as a fountain of honour he should exude statesmanship under all circumstances. All in all, no matter what he says, his exit from state house is irreversible and he is right now in the departure lounge.

Response to this:

My thought on the matter: 

Not so stateman like of him, disrespectful of the President. But hey, he has no respect for anybody else then himself. As I have proven again and again. This here is just another display of his arrogance and ignorance of other people who is not on his team. A quick reminder of how he act not to generate democratic values, but to keep power himself and to his men. Peace.

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