Gen. Sejusa back to Makindye Military Court as his trial resumes; Free Uganda statement on the matter

David Sejusa TV

Free Uganda is closely watching on-goings in Museveni’s Kangaroo court, and will issue a statement after the day’s proceedings are closed.

FU fully concurs with the statement by the FU Chairman’s lawyers that “the military courts is facing a huge embarrassment” should they chose to abuse the natural and constitutional rights of our Comrade David Sejusa.

On a more serious note, all these political game-plays by dictator Museveni will soon end when the People of Uganda finally free the country from the absurd and wholly detestable repression of the Museveni regime.

In the same vain, Free Uganda rededicates itself to the People’s Struggle, and swears to stand firm, shoulder to shoulder with the People of Uganda, in the noble cause of campaigning to put an end to the gross injustices of the past 3 decades.

A Luta Continua.

That was the Statement from the Free Uganda,here is som news-reels: 

“BREAKING: General Court Martial rules that it has jurisdiction to try General David Sejusa despite High Court case, insisting the renegade former spy chief is still a serving military officer” (NBS TV, 09.02.2016).

More to come!

One thought on “Gen. Sejusa back to Makindye Military Court as his trial resumes; Free Uganda statement on the matter”

  1. its doesn’t matter to arrest Gen.over political issues coz is a Freeman.let dem wait for change next all means

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