“Uganda: A New Dawn Is Upon Us” (TV Commercial from Go-Forward/TDA); With thoughts on the TVC’s of Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Amama Mbabazi

Is this the way to sway votes or just a cheap trick to play with your mind and gain empathy towards the end of the general election from Go-Forward/TDA frontman Amama Mbabazi? I am just asking because I got far from all the answers. Because it is just interesting! To take a distance from a totally different man and his campaign TVC Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party in the U.S.A. While saying so, let take a look:

They both play with you heart and mind. Not just showing numbers and such. They are both respectable, but which tells the story the best and using the TVC best, is it Amama or Berne? But just put it up a bit, to make your mind boggle a bit. Let’s take a look at Ted Cruz of the Republican Parties new TV ad: 

And this here is totally different. It plays more on him as politician then the two above and is less heart into it. That is why you are more moved by the Amama Message and Bernie then by Cruz. Because it is instinct. A politican either shows what he will do, what the ideas of his political message or dropping bombs on his peers and “enemies”. As Trump would do in his, he will make somebody “enemies” because it is an thing to sell, instead of selling a program. Bernie is selling social programs for society and doing it with tact and finness. Something missing from Ted Cruz. Amama has it and shows the spirit of his program, but miss the final touch that Bernie has. That is my opinion! What is yours? Peace.

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