The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao and DP Candidate Tonny Kitara have tonight been detained in Lokodi, Gulu District



As we speak the Democratic Party President Norbert Mao and the DP Candidate for Aswa County Tonny Kitara have been detained. This occurred while they we’re participating in a tradition meeting of the Acholi People called ‘Wangoo’ discussing “Home Affairs”. They are both detained at the Lokodi Police Station.

Mao Masaka Mbabazi 091115

Next week Norbert Mao was supposed have joint rallies with Christopher Okidi the DP Candidate in Agago where they we’re supposed to travel though the district together. This seems now not to happen as he is detained in Lokodi.

He was in Lokodi Trading Centre, Punena Parish, Aswa Sub-County in Gulu District. That is where he was during the ‘Wangoo’ in the Lokodi if you didn’t think it happen there and was some strange reason he was detained at the Police Station in Lokodi. Gulu DPC Martin Okoyo must be busy or following orders from above, meaning IGP Kale Kayihura. That this happens so close into the General Elections shows that something is up! That this all happens in sweeps is certainly suspicious considering Gen. Sejusa was detained in Makindye Military Barracks earlier today. The NRM-Regime must do this for a reason, especially since they have already done damage to Mao by not letting him be able to contest for MP for Gulu District in the coming elections. Peace.

BTW – If you can follow this instruction:

“This is the phone number of the OC operation 0714028378 call him to release Honourable Norbert Mao and Honourable Tonny Kitara the DP candidate for Aswa County unconditionally!”.  Words of unjust behavor from the Government, spreads like fire in dry grass. Time to speed the flame up, shall we?

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