Go-Forward had campaigns in Kibuku district; later blocked by the Calvary to travel to Butaleja

Amama 11.10.2016 Campaign Rally P1

We have now seen how the Police like to make life hard for Go-Forward Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi. He held peaceful campaigns in Kasaria and Kibuku. While his third district wasn’t able to reach today; because he isn’t Mzee and can’t campaign after the late time set by the Electoral Commission. So the Police will step in and block his actions. Even if he might travel to a hotel in Butaleja in the darkness and surely knows it’s late for campaign rally in Busolwe.

Amama 11.10.2016 Campaign Rally P2

Message from Amama Mbabazi today:

“From Kasasira in Kibuku to Kobolwa Primary School, today I spoke on various issues affecting Kibuku. I supported the creation of Kibuku district to enable services get closer to the people” (…)”Kibuku has not yet realised this dream. The Go forward manifesto contains my promise to the people. For better healthcare, cooperatives, jobs for youth and quality education”. Later today he stated this: “Kasasira and Kobolwa today. We were not able to make it to Butaleja before dark. My plea to apologise to the people of Busolwe fell on deaf ears”.

The Road Block from the local Police who stops Go-Forward Campaign Convoy enroute from Mulagi to Bulsolwe:

Amama Blocked from enroute Mulagi to Busolwa 11.01.2016

I think that is enough for now. Peace.

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