The People’s president campaigns in Katakwi and Ngora; with no interference of the Calvary; also a quick read-up on the governance level of Katakwi District

Katakwi FDC 11.01.2016. P2jpg

Today the People’s President had successful campaigns in Katakwi and Ngora. There we’re happy rallies and he walked on the made up carpet to one of the rallies. To another one he travelled on a made-up donkey wagon into the venue of campaign rally. This here is telling the story and what messages seems important from today. I will also show the governance level of the Katakwi Local District Government that I looked into since the People’s President passes by. This is the district where students were suspended for writing FDC on a schools chalk-bord in 2012 or 2013.  So the government and police here is NRM friendly. Still, there we’re nothing the police did today that was violent or foul.

Katakwi FDC 11.01.2016

Dr. Kizza Besigye said this at Katakwi Town Council earlier today:

“You all know that the last time i was here i was escorted away by tear gas. I came ready for tear gas. And that is one of the reasons i am in this elections”.

Nandala Mafabi in Katakwi 11.01.16

Nandala Mafabi spoke today on NBS TV in Katakwi distric:

“People want change badly. Museveni has been saying he holds rallies in villages where he has strongest support. We’re here in those villages” (…)”In a number of places where we have been, voters were unhappy that NRM has reduced them to yellow t-shirts” (…)”This time, voters will protect their votes. They are the number one protectors of their votes”.

FDC Katakwi 11.01.2016

He also said this: “President Museveni has promised to work on Katakwi -Moroto road from 2001 to date, but he has failed to realise it, let’s for Kizza Besigye who has been consistent, he has been arrested over 50 times, tear gassed many many time, but he has been consistent”.

Community House Katakwi Town 28.10.2015

This is a district who has a collapsed Community Building in in Katakwi Town that cost Shs 89M and the picture of it proves the state of the building for the moment.

Ongongonja road 28.10.2015

You have also the poorly developed road project costed Shs 108M the Ongongonja road.  Looks beautiful and well spent monies right?

Well, after looking through one of the two districts there fearful numbers from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED). I  will take the numbers that are most interesting from Katakwi District and didn’t look at the numbers for Ngora . This here will tell the story how a well-used money in the Local District Government, as their budget for July 2014 to July 2015 or FY 2014/2015. A tiny “Value for Money”: I do this because FDC visit this district.

Ngora 11.01.2016

(this last picture is FDC Campaign Convoy in Ngora)

For instance Katakwi Agricultural Advisory Service (KAAS) we’re allocated Shs 4.3M, while the reports from the money where none officially spend during the financial year. NAADS towards education had allocated Ush 7.2M, they spent Ush 4.2M. They spent around Ush 1M every fiscal quarter except for the second one, what happen at that time? What happened to the funds that are missing for the two projects, like the 4M allocated for KAAS and the missing 3M that we’re not official used by the NAADS?

More education there we’re allocated Ush 133M for Katakwi Secondary School in the fiscal year 2014/2015. None of these funds was used. There was allocated Ush 84.1M for Katakwi Primary School and had the same fate as the other school funds, so in total over Ush 210M who is un-used.

Uganda Shillings


When this is the show of progress here alone, you can wonder how hard they are trying and when you can’t find the use of money allocated to schools in the district, I wonder how the situation on the educations institutions in Katakwi. And that the agricultural programs are not well spent. So wonder where the unused monies go? Is it Consolidation fund or into somebodies pocket?

Thanks that enough from me. Peace.

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