Mzee hired Starlink Transport Company to ferry supporters to Kanungu Rally; But didn’t ferry the NRM-Supporters home!

Starlink Buses for NRM 06.01.2016 P1

Early today I reported that Mzee and NRM campaign team hired in the Starlink Bus-Company and their buses to ferry people from other district too drive them to Kanungu rally. The company was out of ordinary duty and we’re hired to do this. To drive and ferry them to the rally because of the little support Mzee and NRM have in Kihihi district, therefore they did this, but didn’t pay Starlight Bus-Company to get them back to the districts that they came from. Because that was not important for Mzee, he needed some cool shots from the Kanungu rally and then drop them off after and not giving them anything to get back home. Mzee and NRM really value their voters as long as they are useful!

The picture under here is from after the rallies of the NRM today at the Kihihi Police Station where the supporters from other districts is stranded. This can not be said in words because this proves the real, real value of their support. Take a quick scan:

Kihihi Police Station Stranded after NRM Rally Kanungu 060116

The mighty NRM and Mzee can’t afford to ferry them home! 29 years of progress gentlemen! 


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