Dr. Kizza Besigye’s Message from the Bulisa campaign rally today

Besigye 2.1.2015 Bulisa P1

Bulisa has its own challenges from land grabbing to massive corruption. Our campaign is two way, while we have a national agenda to bring change for all Ugandans Bulisa needs urgent interventions many have lost their land through dubious deals harbored by a very powerful group that is waiting to share the oil spoils.

Besigye 2.1.2015 Bulisa P2

Our campaign is about reclaiming our power back as a people, Bulisa needs to have power in order for oil to work for them.

Besigye 2.1.2015 Bulisa P3

Bulisa placards asked us to fight corruption in our government today; yes we pledge to you and the rest of Uganda that we will not give corruption room in our government, civil service and in the private sector. Corruption is a cancer that we will fight religiously. #WesigeBesige

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