New Years day campaign; interfered by the unpopular calavary

This first day of 2016, starts the campaign like the ending of 2015. Not surprisingly the Police are interfering in the Leaders of Opposition. Today both the FDC Presidential Candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has issues with the police. The same have the independent Go-Forward and TDA Joint Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi.

Karuma School 1.1.2016 FDC Pic

In Karuma the Police we’re out and we’re shutting down the hospital so that the FDC Candidate couldn’t enter the place. Also in the Karuma School the Police we’re guarding like a fortress and not letting the campaign convoy visit today.

Karuma School 1.1.2016 FDC Pic 2

While this is happening today the Police themselves want to prove seriousness and have put up a 20 Million shillings fee to those who can tell the where-about of Amama Mbabazi Bodyguard Christopher Aine today!


IGP Kale Kayihura Said this:

“Police has issued notice to the public appealing for any information as to his whereabouts so that we apprehend him to answer charges relating to the incidents of beatings in Ntungamo district. We have put a reward of Shs 20 million for anyone who can help Police with information leading to his arrest and prosecution”.

Today the Yellow Music Team in Gulu wants money from the NRM campaign team for their performances during the campaign trail. They are said to not be paid the amount of money they have been promised. Therefore they miss Shs7. Million from the NRM-O and their organizer of the campaign for Mzee.


Amama Mbabazi said this at Masindi Hotel today:

“I asked him what wrong Kanti had done by going to hospital. He told me he was taking pictures. That will be sorted out anyway, it will. But anyone has a right to go to anywhere and ask about the issues there. The policemen are good people but are working on orders of someone, Kale Kayihura. It’s unfortunate….”.

Kanti Rodgers has also been arrested; as so many other opposition figures have been taken to custody by the Police recently after the Ntungamo clashes.

Amama Mbabazi stormed the Masindi Police Station to get out the Go-Forward supporter who we’re jailed there today! He has done that before during the campaign trail and seems like have to do it again.

Endorsment NRM Poor Youth


Its 38 days to the end of M7’s 30 years leadership resulting in to social stagnation, sheer terror, misery, vicious cycle of humiliating poverty& unemployment. The poor youth are ready for change from dictator Museveni to Amama Mbabazi. The choice in 2016 is clear; change or more of the suffering. In special way I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.



God bless you all


That we’re all for now, have a wonderful new year and let the campaign go smooth, we don’t need the endless violence and interference from the police until February 2016. Peace

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