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FDC in Yumbe talks on Veterans benefits and Dr. Besigye thanks for their support!

Yumbe 27.12.15 FDC

Message from Dr. Kizza Besigye after the rallies today: 

It was a nice to be in Yumbe today, it is true that Yumbe is like all the districts we have been to, they are also saying this time change will come to Uganda. Let me take this opportunity to thank people of Yumbe for welcoming us and attending our rallies. May God bless you all. #Wesige Besigye

Muntu Yumbe 27.12.15

From one of the rallies and speeches from Gen. Mugisha Muntu:

” I found many veterans here who are complaining that government has not paid them. I hear they have told you to open bank accounts. Let me tell you, you are wasting your time. I am also a veteran and I served as army commander but I too have not been paid! When I left the army, I was paid only for 4 months. Since then, I have not received a coin. If they can steal my benefits, what about you? Dr. Besigye is here, I can ask him too, have you been paid?” Dr. Kizza Besigye  answers: “No”. Only FDC can clear veterans’ arrears. Gen. Muntu in his address to the people of Odravu,Yumbe District.


That must seem as positive and giving compared to the other reports coming today. Therefore I let you all hear it and drop it today! Peace.

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