It’s Official: Kahinda Otafiire is now a Independent Candidate for MP in Ruhinda Constituency

Kahinda Otafiire 2016-2021 Election Poster

Kahinda Otafiire the loyalist NRM, the bush-hero who lost in the NRM Primary Election recently. We all know he lost to a brother who was jailed. As many other losers he petitioned his case to Dr. Tanga Odoi and his NRM Electoral Commission without luck. He then described the whole “Primary Election as a Circus”. So now he has finally taken the last straw.

He has taken an official decision to go independent, even if his felly Yellow members in his constituency was tired of his life-long leadership. Now it is full-circle he has sided himself with other sore losers of the NRM Primaries and gone solo or Independent. Even if he has always been a NRM, he can’t be officially affiliated since he doesn’t go on their ticket or are their flag-bearer.

He will fight the one he has already lost to and other candidates from other parties. I am sure if he loses than also in 2016. He will claim misconduct and that he was unjustly treated by the Electoral Commission and that it was rigged in favor of one of the other candidates. That the tally center was controlled by fellow people who worked against him; and that ended in him not becoming an MP in the 10th Parliament. Peace.  

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