One on one with Jimmy Akena About his Loss of UPC Top Seat (Youtube-Clip)

“The Court dismissed Jimmy Akena as the UPC President on grounds that the procedure followed to elect him was not right. Olara Otunnu who was thrown out of office has been restored back. Jimmy Akena has not given up as yet as he has appealed to the Court of appeal” (NBS TV, 12.12.2015).

My first thought? Are you having little sleep Jimmy? Are you stressed with the Ruling from the High Court!

Some reports say this:

“High Court has declared the presidency of Jimmy Akena, the embattled Uganda People’s Congress Party president illegal. Justice Yasin Nyanzi made the ruling this evening saying the UPC party Electoral Commission didn’t have the powers to declare Akena UPC president since the delegate’s conference, which elected him wasn’t properly constituted” (Radio Buddu 98.8, 11.12.2015).

“The ruling was in response to an application filed by Joseph Bossa, the UPC vice President under the Olara Otunnu administration and two others, challenging Akena’s presidency. The petitioners rushed to the High Court Civil Division on June 17th shortly after Akena was controversially declared UPC party president” (94,3 QFM Lira, 11.12.2015).

Sarah Kagingo stated this on 1. July 2015: 

In steps of his father, Lira municipality MP Jimmy Akena is announced winner today in the UPC district conferences elections held on Saturday. He won in 67 districts out of 110. Congrats in order…” (…)”Sole candidate? I’m told, under UPC constitution, one needs at least 37 districts’ support before they are eligible to be voted. Hon. David Pulkol who came second was supported by 12 districts. Therefore, of the nine who stood, Hon.Jimmy Akena is the only one who qualifies to be elected as party president at the party’s national conference on July 10 making him sole candidate.

Well, there seems that something was fishy about how Hon. Jimmy Akena took over for Hon. Olara Otunnu in the summer, but now with the ruling it seems even worse with the condition of the UPC. An how can UPC work together with NRM, if they don’t have a legit leader, well, NRM has a sole candidate! Why can’t the UPC? Just joking, but I am sure your seeing my valid point. Though I support Olara Otunnu in the matter and he has right to have justice done. If I after this clip calls him Red-Eye Akena, then you understand why, right? Could his eyes be more red! Well, he has surely been awake and afraid of the verdict. Since we can see how he answers for himself and it was not in anyway clarifying or address the matter of his Presidency properly, just terms null and void answers. Olara Otunnu must be jolly and smiling somewhere together with his fellow comrades in the party. Peace.



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