Letter from NRM Electoral Commission on NRM Primaries in Rwampara County (24.11.2015)

NRM EC November P2

NRM EC November P3

Initiall reports from Fatwe Soulutions:

“Things remained the same though there were scuffles between the winner and the loser Hon Vicent Mujuni Kyamadidi that caused the Mbarara District NRM Registrar, Iryn not to announce the results on the real day last Friday at Kamukuzi where I was as the foreseer waiting to publish the results” (…)”In Rwampara elections. Two Journalists Farouk Twesigye for Red pepper and Michael Tumwakire (We) were beaten up and up to now our cameras have not yet been brought back so we are just there” (…)”Do not miss to grab our News, we are to reveal 30 Reasons why Kyamadid was likely to lose these elections to anyone who could show interest in Rwampara as mp aspirant” (…)”Others who won is Rosset Kajungu Mutambi for Mbarara District Woman MP, Nathan Twesigye Itungo for Kashari constituency defeating Kyobuguzi Aggrey and Yaguma Rutashokwa have been announced handed over NRM flag as bearers” #Justsoyouknow! 🙂 Peace. 

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